An Envious Announcement.

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The city of Gaul-Kor now belongs to ENVY, all attempts to take this city, or any activity besides our own will be considered hostile, and you WILL be killed on site.

Any attempts to build in our lands will be foiled, and it will be destroyed.

the day has finally arrived


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Meet the new boss same as the old boss...
Sal also said in IRC that Kranesh is now passed off to the Guttersnipes. Same rules apply for Kranesh. ENVY will keep a small guard there to defend Guts' sovereignty.

Best regards.
-Diphrael the Desperado
In your dreams babycakes.
I must say, you guys are going to have to recruit about 15 more people to defend 2 completely seperate locations across the world.

Thank you guys for seceding from my lands.
guts has like 4 members >_<

that are town fighting guard zone warriors at that :)


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We will be waiting.


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Wonder how long envy will be on top till the same thing happens to them.
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