Anyone still play Mortal Online 1 can help me with PvE content? Need some fighters since I can't solo as a mage

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Anyone still playing MO1? I'm looking for some fighters to help me unlock Necromancy stuff. Fabernum, Risars, and I don't remember but I think Minotaurs are what I'm looking to get drops from. I don't think I can do these as a solo mage. I doubt I'd be able to get Animal Magnetism anymore because only way I know to beat the boss requires a lot of people or a certain color megnaton.


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For Animal Magnestism you have to open a chest in the Sator dungeon with low drop chance (from all I know). And i don't know the chest. You will need at least one lock picker in the group, and all players must agree to run through the dungeon for several times.

Could be easier to find a player with the book on stock than getting enough players with subscribed accounts. I have a lock picker on the account with alpha access and infinite subscription time.
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In case anyone was on the fence I have a friend that I'll be playing with and we're both going to be healing. So all you would need are your weapons, armor, and knowing how to parry. We can get you mounts for travelling.