Arena Closed until Further Notice


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"Arena gate now closes for 2 min if you are in combat OR if you have taken damage."

Maybe this is bugged since a longer time. But there was a patch that resulted in the gates getting closed also when taking damage.
yes, i vouched for this patch a lot. But when i came back a month ago or so, i have been told it changed again to the old way, and it is what i experienced as well : if you are being engaged melee or archery ,you can still run in arena but the guy who attacked you first cant. If he only used magic ,the gate is not closing
it just show how starvault is complete garbage sometimes cause they dont play this game, it is pathetic.
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Delete Tindrem. That will fix many things.
"Delete Tindrem. That will fix many things", agreed @Henrik Nystrom , absolutely never.

My counter-suggestion is to put The Arena back to being an empty arena without special features (bank, etc.-- though leaving it as an additional city entrance or exit), patrol with regular guards through it, and to only change that arrangement with temporary patches for 'Special Events' when and if the SV Staff have time to come up with and run them. That's also a step backward, but maybe unlike the Deletion of Tindrem, it could happen.


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arena should be a place were you get insta grey, and if you leave the arena you should get your normal status, so that people can pvp 24/7 in it, why not. why this shitty prize fight bullshit, why not an uncomplicated fun system, better a fighting fence on the tindrem plaza, i bet many people would use that.