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The Blood Owl is one of the most graphic, cruel, and lengthy torture methods ever described. According to scholars, the Blood Owl was originally Practiced in Nordveldian Culture and had a long tradition in NordVeld, often being associated with The Kallard and there Worship Practices to Crepitea, and was used against the most heinous enemies, The Practice was Reproduced and transferred By The Thurisar - Kallard who came to live in Myrland and Settled Later to Goul kur, and then was passed from Generation to Generation, The First Recorded appearance of the Blood Owl was after The Second battle of Nereb Madgulu where The Thurisars Fought and Conquered The Tindremic Forces, though it was The Thurisar Khurites where the ones who Copied the Method and add that practice to The Khurite War and judgment Practices " it was Later Called at The Khurite Blood Eagle " there is No exact date or Record about when Did the khurite Started to use that Practice, nor is there a specific legal prohibition as to its use, but popular culture depictions keep it alive and well.

The debate among historians about whether or not the Blood Owl Was its inclusion in Kallard sagas part of Tindremic propaganda meant to depict the NordVeldian pagans as heathens? Has the lore of the Blood owl surpassed the historical accuracy of its existence? however there are some details about this antiquated and shocking punishment to help fill in some of history's cracks.

Originally The Technique Was Designed As An Offering To Crepitea, The Norse god was traditionally the recipient of Blood Owl sacrifices before and after battles, in Kallard Literature the death of Khajinova in The Detremenious Saga was as much an act of revenge as an offering to Crepitea, though scholars later omitted the reference to the Norse god.

Some scholars believe that the Blood Owl was connected to earlier human sacrifices made to Crepita, although whether or not those sacrifices every took place remains controversial.

Stages to Perform The Blood Owl :

The Back Was Carved, And Organs Were Pulled Out,The conventional interpretation of the Blood Owl stipulates that the shape of an Owl was carved onto the victim's back, after which the skin was pulled back and the ribs were detached from the spine. The lungs were then pulled out and over the ribs, mimicking the image of the wings of a spread Owl.

According to some translations of the Kallardian saga, a less invasive Blood Owl could be performed by simply carving an Owl with outstretched wings on the victim's naked body; however, for added cruelty, the eviscerating method could be performed from the front.

Those Who Used This Method Would Rub Salt In The Wounds, According to some Thurisar Soldiers in The Khurite Legion who Witnessed that Practice before, after the previously detailed mutilation, the flesh was rubbed with salt "For the slayer by a cruel death of their captive father, Mijokarus sons act the blood-Owl on Fellon , and salt his flesh."

Some scholars who wrote during the late Dragon Era, recorded oral traditions and history as well as events from their own time.

though Record Doesn't Show that Kallard who invented the Method used any sort of Salt or any sort of Dissolving, The use of salt was later adopted by The Thurisar; they described the process as a "saline stimulant" intended to inflict additional pain and suffering, usually applied before the lungs were spread.

The Difference Between Blood Eagle and Blood Owl :

There isn't Much Difference between the Two Practices, both Perform The Same Persuaders, Though the Different is the Khurite Blood eagle is a Less Savage Copy of The Kallardian Blood Owl, The Thurisar Modified the Traditional Blood owl and used the Method against there Enemy's to Desecrate There bodies and To make Sacrifices to "Mirthrak", God of Mors Omnibus , Hero of both Risar and Thursar, God of the scorned and enslaved , God of the freedom fighter , God of blood sacrifices and power.
in The Blood Owl " The thurisar Copy "they use salt on the Victim During his Torture while Cutting down the Legs and Nail the Hands when Lifting the body over and spreed his Wings .

The Khurite Copy of The owl Eagle is much different,To Be Subjected To The Blood Eagle, You Had Commit A Crime That Revoked Your Honor, In the Skajiioud sagas that mention the Blood Eagle practice, revenge and pure disdain often preceded its usage. the Saga, Tommikaro swears to subject his comrade's killer to the Blood Eagle :
Qasiretti, soğıs bir bawırlasım!
"Seniñ qarsılastarıñdağı Qan-Bürik sızığı ağıp ketwi kerek.

"Fall'st Thou, War Brother! I'll 'venge Thee well;
Blood-Eagle lines on Thy foe shall be flowing."

In The Saga, Agenious underwent the Blood Eagle after he was defeated in battle:

"Next morning they found Agenious on Bakti Hill. The made a blood eagle be cut on his back with the sword, and had his ribs severed from the back-bone, and his lungs pulled out."

The Saga goes on to explain that the Mogul Einaroaba subjected Agenious to the Blood Eagle because he had killed the Moguls father.

though it has also been historically associated with owls. According to Scholars, the term eagle was used by men who rejoiced in "[crushing] their most ruthless foe by marking him with the cruelest of birds."

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(Good effort.
  • There are no owls in MO-- SV's deplorable oversight.
  • Too much of a contrast to any existing circumstance (mercy mode, execution, animations, the etherworld experience, resurrection) surrounding in-game death for practical roleplay use.
  • STILL a better (or just bloodier) death for Agenious than the Sacrifice of Lucius, so it has that going for it.
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Well sure, that's bad, but being put in the bull is nothing to snort at.



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Well sure, that's bad, but being put in the bull is nothing to snort at.

Once more, we see how a true sophisticate must cultivate, in his leisure time, his expansive knowledge of all the things that those of lesser castes might find bloody awful (torture devices, raw & struggling dinners, vomitoriums, et cetera). It's why, just when you get this thing bellowing nicely, there's always some boorish peasant in the crowd outside saying, "Ugh. Why not hang the poor wretch and have done with him!?", and the next thing you know, Tindrem has a public gallows instead of one of these^^.

(But why not a pig? You know what they say-- it's going to *smell* like pork.)