Beware's MO2 Feedback Thread

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Going to try to keep this updated with feedback as I go

Friday, May 1st, 2020.

  1. Compass font color is too dark to see against the darker colors (specifically the tree line):

  2. Is it possible to get coordinates on the compass as well? For example NW 180, SE 250, etc.
  • Combat with keys seems a little bit better, but there's still somethings ambigous about it. Like how exactly do you get an overhead block, overhead attack with. You would think with how moving left gives you a left side attack, and moving right makes you attack from the right that a moving with W forwards would be a overhead but that's not the case.
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You wouldn't want W key to be for overhead attack or when you are running you would only ever be able to use the overhead attack.

The key to trigger a thrust or center block seems to have to be held for too long, it is unwieldy (almost 2 seconds.) The way it is in MO1 is better, you only have to tap it.