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With the comming of Awakening the list of slash commands has been changed significantly and most are scarcely documented, as such I decided to make a new forum post with all the slash commands that are available ingame using the previous "Commands in the chat line" as a base.
Yaga's efforts in the previous topic made my game experience a lot better and a lot of credit should go to him.

So, here is a list of all the commands I know about, grouped by topic:

Player Interaction
/emote <gesture> ------------ perform a character gestures
Note 1: lower case only
Note 2: Alternatively you can click the emote icon on the chat window, it's a little obscure but you can find it above the scrollbar.
/friends --------------------- (also: "/social") open the friends window
/reply <text> ---------------- (also: "/r") reply to previous chat message
/trade ----------------------- trade items with another char
/whisper <name> <text> ------- (also: "/w") chat whisper
/yell <text> ----------------- (also: "/y") chat yell
/say <text> ------------------ (also: "/s") chat local
/help <text> ----------------- (also: "/h") chat help, only available to yellow flagged players

Guild Commands
/g <text> -------------------- guild chat
/g acronym ------------------- toggle guild tag visibility
/g invite <name> ------------- guild invite
/g kick <name> --------------- kick a player out of a guild
/g leave --------------------- leave a guild

Pet Commands
/pet <petID> abandon --------- release your pet
/pet <petID> feed ------------ feed your pet (does not actually work)
/pet <petID> info ------------ open the pet info (does not actually work)
/pet <petID> equip ----------- open the mount equipment window
/pet <petID> bag ------------- open the mount bag
/pet <petID> rename <name> --- rename your pet
/pet <petID> transfer -------- give your pet to another char
/pet <petID> attack me ------- self-explainatory
/pet <petID> attack ---------- self-explainatory (your target)
/pet <petID> follow me ------- self-explainatory
/pet <petID> follow ---------- self-explainatory (your target)
/pet <petID> stay ------------ self-explainatory
/pet <petID> aggressive ------ sets the pet's stance
/pet <petID> passive --------- sets the pet's stance
/petpoints ------------------- See how many pet points you are using (includes pets that are far away)
Note 1: The petID refers to either the index of the pet or its name, to show some examples:
/pet 1 attack
/pet "Donkey" attack
Note 2: /petpoints and the pet window can show different values because the pet window only shows pets that are within range, pets that are out of your range DO effect your petpoints however so trust /petpoints instead the pet window (and kill your bugged pets if you don't want to wait for a GM).

Player Status
/fixsurname ------------------ change your char's last name (only works for old characters that have no surname)
/iconsidermysins ------------- check your current murdercounts
/murdercount ----------------- check your current murdercounts
/resetmurders ---------------- reset murdercounts to 0(zero) (use once for a limited time)
/statloss -------------------- tells you your statloss timers (long/short term)
/who ------------------------- display information about another char
/whoami ---------------------- display information about your char

/macros ---------------------- Write your own macros ingame
/title ----------------------- Set your title
/cancel petition ------------- close GM petition
/guards ---------------------- call guards (also: "guard" or "guards" - without "/")
/resetui --------------------- reset user interface to default (very useful if your UI didn't load properly), please make sure that new players know this command to avoid a lot of frustration!
/territory ------------------- gives information about the current location's territory ownership
/task ------------------------ open your task window
/character ------------------- open your character sheet
/inventory ------------------- open your inventory
/useitemslot ----------------- use an item from your inventory (counting from 0, top left to bottom right)
/cast <spell> ---------------- cast a spell
mind blast
thunder lash
flame strike
lesser healing
greater healing
transcendental awareness
magic reflection
Note: lower case only
/skill <skill> --------------- use a skill
Butchery (this is also skinning)
Creature Control
Note 1: And much much more, hover your cursor over the skill to see the name.
Note 2: Case sensitive
Note 3: You need to know the skill in order to use it
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Be warned: currently there is a small bug where your character can become unable to store macros (overuse?), but you can still use them provided that you drag them onto the hotbar before closing the Macro window.
I reported this issue and hope that it will be resolved soon.

How to setup Macros
You can use '/macros' to create a few simple macros ingame, these macros can be dragged onto your hotbars just like the active skills from your skill window.

After typing '/macros' the macro window will open, here you will see the current macros that you made and edit them accoordingly. These macros are not shared across characters and you can prepare a maximum of 6, however if you delete the macros they will still function on your hotbar if you haven't removed them yet.

Click on 'New Macro' to create a new macro, click the newly made macro and you will be able to add or change commands in the textbox, be sure to press 'apply' (below the command area) to store your changes otherwise they will be lost after you close the window.

After selecting a macro you will also be able to use the 'edit' and 'delete' buttons, 'edit' will allow you to change the name and icon of the macro, it does not effect the editing of commands and it comes with its own 'apply' button to store the changes, 'delete' should be self-explainatory.

Some commands can't be combined simply because the game requires a bit of delay between the commands, Additionally /s or /say is not valid in a macro, nor required.

Please note that any changes that you make in your macro window will not be reflected in macros that are on your hotbar, you have to drag the altered macro onto your hotbar to override the previous version.

Basic Macros to remember
You can setup your macros in whatever way that you like, but I figured I should add a few examples so you know what you can do.

Open mount equipment window:
Pet1MountEquip said:
/pet 1 equip
NamedMountEquip said:
/pet "MyHorseName" equip
Open mount bags:
Pet1MountBag said:
/pet 1 bag
NamedMountBag said:
/pet "MyHorseName" bag
Animated hello:
Hello1 said:
/emote greet1
Open inventory and skinning/butcher skill:
Butchery said:
/skill Butchery
Eat some food from your inventory:
note: requires you to place the food in the right inventory slot, for example the last slot, bottom right, this also works for equiping arrows, using bandages, potions and such.
EatFood said:
/useitemslot 35
Warn people of an incomming earthquake:
Note: this of course will also attract any murderers in the area, so be warned.
/y Casting Earthquake!!!
/cast earthquake


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If you can figure out how to macro feed pets, I will gladly have your babies
I may be wrong as it's been a while since I worked on this, but have you tried having a number after the "feed" command? I'm pretty sure it was set up to pass an inventory slot number.
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I may be wrong as it's been a while since I worked on this, but have you tried having a number after the "feed" command? I'm pretty sure it was set up to pass an inventory slot number.
I did, but I received the message that I required food in slot 0, and even with food there the message didn't change.

Edit: just checked, no matter what I do I get the message:
[Game] Nothing in slot 0!
[Game] Your pet finished eating
but no food consumed.
/pet 1 feed 35 gives the exact same message
having food in slot 0 in your pet bag also doesn't work


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Likewise. I tried every combination I could think of
Whta about horse inventory?! and equpment?!


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also just a note for using the attack command in the in game macros you need to say target so example "pet 1 attack target" if you dont have the word target there it just stands there looking at you dumb .

Very very useful list thanks for putting that one together .


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I think the feeding from a slot was taken out deliberatly i remember bringing it up very early in the testing , i could be wrong though .
You should also be able to use pet names in your macros:

/pet "SuperHorse" abandon


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You should also be able to use pet names in your macros:

/pet "SuperHorse" abandon
ooh havent tried that ill have a go when i get home from work .


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I think the feeding from a slot was taken out deliberatly i remember bringing it up very early in the testing , i could be wrong though .
Damnit! That's the most useful one!
Why paratus, why?!


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hmmm wonder if there is a command to use a hotbar slot or combination of them .


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Damnit! That's the most useful one!
Why paratus, why?!
My favorite most useful one has been applying bandages to pets. Now we're pretty much stuck with a complex taming system that takes ages to raise a pet combined with high risk to instantly losing it in the next fight (or bug). Potions and magic alone as healing means for pets just isn't fair - maybe add a veterinary skill ? (Ignore this post if such is ingame but I just don't know about it).


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Shamelessly stolen and added to the help sections ingame.
Thank you!
Nice, but... since you develop the game and with the above tell us that you don't have such list, I wonder if you make plans before adding new commands ?

I mean... to my understanding the standard approach for development would be to first make a list of desired commands along with their access privileges, then add them into the game and release the player relevant portion of the list (after possibly making changes during development). Thus your comment somewhat confuses me...
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