Dall Roba Question Marks In Chest

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* Describe the bug. Be as detailed as possible.
When you loot the Dall Roba chest it's full of question marks that disappear when looted
* 32 bit or 64 bit client? Dx9 or 11?
* How does it affect game play?
You don't get loot that you should get
* Is it repeatable? How so? This is very important! A lot of bugs which seem like a fluke have some logic behind them in order to be able to repeat them.
Try to loot the chest
* Does it affect one player, or others around them?
Everyone who tries to loot
* Screenshots and videos help tremendously


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Where exactly is the chest located?
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It may be all Dall Roba chests however the Sand worm dungeon where you fall into its mouth in Sarducca for this specific one.