Dear Guild,

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Dear Guildies,

I wanna find a guild keep to keep me safe from Tindrem,this morning i was killed by a red name NAMED DreadBanger.I need a keep that has alot of purple flowers lysmachia arvensis to be independent to buy the books that I need.I tried Dominate(LVL68) and Scorpiones lvl69(Zoology) at Sarducaa green jungle. I tried these steps to dominate Akrep but it failed to dominate.Any guild want these guys?.My name last time is LordWizard Now i have deleted.I got a new character need 59kg (Lean) build.Dex cap 125 so i can keep a distance from akrep poison sting and charge.
Books that I need.
Magic School LVL100(Secondary)
Ecunemical Spell LVL100(Primary)
Dominate LVL100(Primary)
Creature Control LVL100(Primary)
Advanced Creature Control LVL100(Primary)
Zoology LVL100(Secondary)
Arthropoda LVL100(Primary)
Chelicerata LVL100(Secondary)
Arachnida LVL100(Secondary)
Scorpiones LVL100(Secondary)
Domestication LVL100(Secondary)
Beast Mastery LVL100(Primary)
Sprinting LVL100(Primary)
Defensive Stances LVL65(Primary)Solo Akrep
Mental Training LVL60(Primary)
Mental Offense LVL60(Primary)
Concentration LVL60(Secondary)
Mental Focus LVL60(Secondary)+