Dear StarVault

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Greetings StarVault team
Here's my opinion about the new changes along with a small suggestion

Every change was amazing so far, in my opinion these things needed to change a long time ago
Eitherway, i'm glad they went live and i believe it is going to make the game a lot better for everybody.
DON'T FUCK IT UP! Now that you actually made the huge update comeback and the hotfix

KEEP UPDATING THE GAME OVER TIME! And by that i do not mean leaving it for a few months again. Till the population gets back to 40 players max daily
Events , Minor updates and meta changes
THATS ALL WE NEED, IT'S AN MMO. Even if it's a bad change. Well... IT IS A CHANGE! it keeps the player interesting in actually playing the game

You guys got one of the best IF NOT the best Unique MMO out there. Due to the combat system and the Open World without many complicated stuff every mmo has

Keep it updated, And watch your wallet getting bigger and bigger

The population over the past few days has gone up. And many players came back or started playing the game.
Don't let the game die again
#Edit: We won't need a Mortal Online 2 If this one keeps getting updated. This is the MO that we love playing#​
Yours sincerely, SirNikolus
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