Demons in Meduli

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There probably still demons in Mohki area also!


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what a bad idea. they chose the worst time ever (is like gmt morning and CST late late nicght) and ended up being only an annoyance.

in meduli there were 5 elder demons and 3 noobs looking at them (me included). the demons could not be guarded and they ended up killing soem guards and disappearing.

is this the consequence of helping malturn maybe?
me and 3 others had the red elder demon to one hit then boom game crashes when I relogged my horse was dead and red demon was gone. WTF


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I saw them in Meduli too.

One killed a lot of guards but there was no one to fight it. Suddenly it ran out to the north. I followed and then realized there was 3 other elder demons further ahead.. then I logged of. Bit too much tbh

Could just have spawned some minor demons or dismissed the other 3
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