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Well Mr. Nystrom, after speaking with many people, I have finally got the big questions people want answered! I appreciate the opportunity you have given me for this interview.

I have traveled across Nave and met many good people, I have had great fun in this game and made many friends! So I decided to take a trip around Nave and the forums and get questions from players hard at work in the World!!!It is my pleasure to see that these good people get their questions answered, this is for you guys!

1.This Question was asked in-world by the player Clade

What other schools of magic will you guys add in the future if any?

As you may have seen there are quite some scrolls to be discovered in the game already, these scrolls show the magic school name and the name of the spell. This gives a clue about what kind of spells, and which magic schools we have planned to release for Mortal.

That means we have 13 schools so far planned for Mortal Online, Ecumenical spells included.

2.This question was asked in-world by the player Enslaught

How do the weapon mechanics work? Like I buy a weapon with better attributes then the one I currently have, but that weapon turns out to be initially worse?

It all comes down to the player’s crafter skills and materials used for making the weapon. You want to visit a good weapon smith to get a proper weapon for your play style and needs. Of course there are some weapons lootable in the world from other mobs, and you can also buy some basic weapons from NPCs in cities to start train your skills with such weapons. But the best weapons are crafted by talented weapon smiths that know how to perfectly balance a weapon for the warriors needs. In Mortal a weapon or item doesn’t directly display all stats in detail. Real player knowledge is an important factor. The more skills the character has in the involved item the more detailed stat arrow you can see to give you an indication of how it should perform. But the real accurate numbers is verified by players testing them out, with knowledge over time a player can recognize the weapons/armors attribute value by simply looking on the item and feel its weight to know what it is. Knowledge in Mortal Online means a lot of power and success. Buying weapons or armors from a local broker do supply the necessary information on the stat indication arrows to be able to safely buy items using a broker.

3.This question was asked in world by the player LordBrewer

Do you plan to release more content for weaponsmith in upcoming patches?

Yes, we have lots of content for weapon smithing, armor and tailoring in upcoming patches. We have no exact time frame on when these different areas arrives to the game, but we have the system in place to add in any of these fields.

4.This question was asked in the forums by the player RhodriTaliesin

With an impending Steam release we are starting to see a dramatic rise in player populations, yet none of us, not even our long time veterans can make heads or tails of the Lore. It's almost unanimously agreed that it's time for the Lore to be translated and implemented as well as published for what we are meant to read and know. It is understood that the Lore needs to be carefully translated from Advanced Swedish to English and while such a service can be expensive yet the community would gladly outsource the translation job to a third party as a donation goal. So what is the hold up? Why stall any longer on such a critical piece of content as history, context, and Lore?!

We have indeed been struggling with getting more lore released to the players. We have just gone over the situation currently and are trying to get a solution on how we can proceed with getting the lore obtainable by the players. We have clearly noticed it’s been more and more desired and needed for our game now that the core features is getting in place. We do plan to give the lore some more attention and I really hope this will be shared to our gamers sooner than later.

5.This question was asked in the forums by the player DarkSiper

I would appreciate to know if there are any plans to rework the flagging system in MO in the near future?

We do not have any plans to rework the flagging system. We do have a few areas where the flagging system will be affected however, due to the functions we give to the players along with the TC patch we are working on. There are also some special incidents where we are looking to some minor changes to make it work better. The entire game have been carefully planned to work using the flagging system we have built. Due to different issues where players not have got the chance to choose where to go, flag wise, we are now making sure that is an option the player can do by them self as it was intended. When we deploy these systems we may give the option to reset MCs for those who have been forced due to the restriction currently.

6.This question was asked in the forums by Artorius

Can we expect more housing options in 2014 such as furniture and player's inn's with rooms to rent, etc.?

Yes, you can expect more housing option with the TC patch we have planned for in Q1

where players can design their own cities and build their own inns etc. This will not include player housing decoration system at this phase. However, that will come later, when you can decorate your house with different items. For now the houses and buildings will contain a basic nice setup of furniture and some decoration and options to choose from and upgrade with. And later on you can alter these settings yourself.

I appreciate the time you took to answer these questions Mr.Nystrom, have a wonderful day!

Respectfully Written,

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