Easter Egg Screenshots Update! discussion

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couldn't copy the whole content from the post sry but the link is okay i guess.
Lets discuss about that.

Here is a picture of the new Tindrem bank.

And here is the much improved interior of the bank.

All the other houses in Tindrem has been remade as well.

The Tindrem Academy has also gotten a rework and has been opened up.
You can now explore all three floors, seven rooms and the access to the balconies.

Here is one of the rooms you can visit inside the Academy.

This is all work in progress and does not necessarily represent the final look.
Hope you all enjoyed these screenshots and have a great Easter!

My Opinion:
I Think really cool looking stuff, but please work on MO2 instead because if you dont use that in MO2 its wasted time i guess.
Nice, tind has needed some work for a while. I'd say add another entrance to tind bank so its harder to block.

And a question I've been wondering. Is any of the new stuff thats being made going to be at least partially transferable to MO2? Like new island and new tind stuff. If they can also be used at least partially in MO2 people wont think they are a waste of time. I feel like I heard they are but if people knew for sure it would help.


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Nice, but I want access everywhere, towers and houses of the mages district, slum houses, emperor palace, etc. Etc.
Look great. Remember mynidea about create imperial.palace. isvnige wee starvault try make more pretty the city and make work for update city. I like a lot
I wiil hope for emperor palace and emperor trhone room
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i have the feeling that this stair are going to be the same buggy fuckshit thatn the current stairs on the sides of the entrance xD lets hope the best


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Fucking amazing patch it in now pls


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The greater reflection of light & heat back into the skybox from all those white marble façades should usher in another ice age... Myrland will be the new Nordveld...

... and then I woke up.