Endigo: The Vultures

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My search for the desert's secrets were on hold as I had found a new oasis with a source of scales and meat for the crafters in my new guild. I had happily enjoyed killing crocodiles and ratzar workers around the watering hole. My being there had always given me a peaceful and serene feeling. The palm trees hung heavy over the area and they swayed in the wind every so slightly. The sun glared down onto the sand and the wind picked up sand as it gusted around through the dunes. I had just killed a crocodile and was about to move on with my second when I noticed something.... The oasis was quiet... The urial in the area had migrated to the other side and even the stubborn Campodons were stomping away from my side of the water. Had I spooked them? I didn't do anything out of the ordinary and was getting nervous. I felt the hair on my neck stand up and I turned my horse around...

There aren't many guilds that are still active in Sarducca, at least much fewer than Myrland, and even less that venture out often. The day had barely started and I had seen SKIFF members before, but never outside of Beth Jedda. Two of them rode down the hill from the city towards me... You could tell by the rotten flesh hanging off their horses as they weren't very bright and couldn't quite figure out how to dry leather very well. They smell like death and are covered in items they've stolen from the dead...trophies from killing the innocent. Vultures is what they are called, and SKIFF was the worst kind, the kind who kill merchants and farmers and gatherers. Too weak to fight in any real battle, these dryland bandits roam the sands in search of anything they can find. Too lazy to gather themselves, they steal items and components for what they need, resulting in a lot of mismatched equipment and shoddy tactics. A weak and troublesome existence they live...and they had found me out in the open unprepared in the desert...

I knew right away who they were and what they wanted. The vultures swooped down on me with arrows and I got the attention of a crocodile before bolting around the oasis. The scaled beast followed me and then turned on them. He snapped his jaws and pulled on of their horses down as I got off mine and dove into the water. I caught an arrow in the thigh and the pain made it hard to swim. I surfaced for air and tried to circle the pool of water searching for an escape. The vultures closed in and one of them was a mage. His armor made of rotten bird parts, fulfilling the persona and solidifying the vulture name. A shot of light burst into the water and struck me in the head... It burned... I heard my horse cry out as she was pierced with arrows. I kicked and screamed from under the water but the laughing of the enemy deterred me from the edges. I thought for sure they would kill me right then and there but...the last fulmination missed. TheGAD, the name I heard his companion shout to get his attention, was good at magic but terrible at aiming. His rotten teeth showed as he laughed from above on the edge. Even underwater... half drowning I felt like I could smell him.. I passed out in the water from lack of air and the cowards didn't get their satisfaction. I wasn't carrying anything especially important so I was happy to see the Sidonian commoner that pulled me out. I coughed up water and sand by the stable in Beth Jedda and our eyes met. We laughed over some Desert Tea that Aussia makes for the city and talked about past hunts. The Sidonians had a strange way about them, making light of even the most dangerous of situations. We needed to keep our heads up as we search for like minded individuals to protect ourselves. And besides... I know the desert has more to offer than a couple of shedding birds picking the bones of the weak and dead. I shall continue my adventures and discover what else the sand hides. I will not be deterred, I will survive.