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This first post, has all the very old stories about Monica the Pleb

Report to the magistrate of Tindrem concerning the case of the woman known as Monica, formerly of the Theurgy caste.

As requested I have had my secretary research this complicated case.
A summary of the facts.

The woman Monica, age 23, is the daughter of the late and most excellent Lucius Omnius.
As you well know this family have been of the Theurgy caste for countless generations.
Lucius and his wife the most revered and virtuous lady Mara died on the day their daughter turned 14. They were murdered in their home, supposedly by brigands who had found a sewer entrance in the basement.

Note: this is still debated by the city guard captain. More of this later.
Shortly after this tragedy Monica married the well known merchant Julius of the pleb caste. By this marriage, Julius were – as you well know – allowed – by your grace – to enter the theurgy caste.
At the time, the argument for this elevation were that – young Monica did not deserve to be degraded to the pleb caste.

Two years ago, Julius applied for divorce due to the well proven infidelity of Monica.
Your grace granted this devorce – and also allowed Julius to stay in the theurgy caste.
As per the usual procedure, Monica applied the office of heritage and citizenship for a confirmation of her Theurgy caste under her maiden name. Contrary to common practise this was not granted by the judge.

Monica has appealed this decision one year ago, and no final decision have been made.
During the last two years, Monica have been arrested many times on suspicion of both prostitution, thievery, blackmail and forgery.
She have not been convicted.
These arrests are the reason we have not considered her appeal yet.
Presently, Monica is living as a pleb, with no proper housing and her family fortune is still in the care of her late husband, as her case for reentering the theurgy is still undecided.

A summary of the rumours concerning this case.

Among the plebs, Monica have earned the name insatiable, due to her nymphomanic nature and her supposedly blackmailing of her married lovers.

Among the plebs, it is considered a fact, that her late husband were bewitched by a kallard slave, with whom he is now married. The plebs say that this kallard woman have bribed both the city guard captain, the judge and your grace the magistrate, to make sure that Monica does not get her family fortune from Julius, to have her arrested on several degrading charges and to prevent her from rejoining the theurgy caste.

Among the city guards, it is considered a fact that Monica is indeed a prostitute, thief and a forger. Also the city guard captain, still insist that she was the one who murdered her parents. Even though he has no motive and no other proof than his “gut feeling”.

I recommend that we continue our research into this case, and that we – to prevent the harmful spreading of rumours – ask that the emperial court make the final decision. I am well aware that this could possibly take a very long time, perhaps even several years. But I believe that this is the only way to ensure that the plebs will accept the final decision, whatever it might be.

With the utmost respect.
The head of the office of heritage and citizenship.
Long live the emperor.

Report to the Magistrate of Tindrem concerning the case of the woman Monica, formerly of the Theurgy caste.

Events have come to my attention that demand another urgent report to your grace.

Yesterday bounty posters where handed out in Tindrem Plaza.
It would appear that Ingebritt Omnius, the present wife of Julius Omnius, have put a price on the head of Monica formerly Omnius of the Theurgy.

This was brought to my attention by Julius himself, naturally he apologised on behalf of his wife and promised to pay any fine your grace the magistrate see fit to demand as compensation for this disturbance of the public order. Furthermore he promised to use any and all means in his power to prevent the lady Ingebritt from making further disturbances of the peace.

According to Julius, Ingebritt claim to have acted in self defense, as she claim that Monica have hired a mercenary to murder and mutilate her.
According to my secretary and the guards, there are no evidence to back up this serious accusation.

My secretary report from the local “dives” in lower Tindrem, that the plebs are engaged in lively discussions of Ingebritts initiative. If Monica is actually murdered in the coming days, some kind of unruliness should be expected from the plebs.

I have taken the liberty to notify the guards of this - and there will be no tolerance in case of trouble.

This development is selfevidently very serious and I therefore recommend that your grace the magistrate immediately send Monicas appeal to the imperial court – with the recommendation that a decision be made with all haste. With some luck, we might have a verdict within a year.

Lastly, I cannot perceive it as other than coincidence, that this development came to - within a day of my last report.

Therefore I humbly request a list with the names of the men in your staff, that have knowledge of my previous report. This is naturally only to counter any ugly rumours of corruption that might be generated by this coincidence.

With the utmost respect.
The head of the office of heritage and citizenship.
Long live the emperor.

(a hastily written letter, with many ink smudges caused by being rolled up before it had dried)
Letter to Casus Ankalumnos the elder, head of the office of Heritage and Citizenship

Dear patron, this letter bear ill and disturbing news, please take a seat before you read on.
I’ve done as you asked and set a slave to watch Monica formerly of the Theurgy.
I myself have spent yesterday observing Ingebritt Omnius.

Ingebritt Omnius is dead, murdered.
Julius Omnius is dead, killed in a duel with one of the murderers.

In the early hours of this morning, a group of Eeta scoundrels surrounded and harassed Ingebritt in the Tindrem Plaza right in front of the bank. At first they pushed and insulted her and quickly their agitation rose the level of direct threaths. Weapons were drawn and the lady Ingebritt cried out for help, to both the guards and the many bystanders. Only one mounted soldier asked the Eeta to leave her be.
No one else interfered on the behalf of the lady, in fact most people continued their morning business as if this assault was as common a sight as the clouds in the sky.

Sadly, it is a common sight these days. As you and the other Nobilitas and Tricapita would know if you yourselves left your palaces and offices more often. I know that your love for the truth will compel you to not take the writing of this fact as an insult.

As the Eeta gang circling the lady Ingebritt saw that no one interfered, as usual, their confidence grew and the situation escalated into physical assault. The lady tried to run but she was quickly cut down by the “Basstard” and as usual the Eeta robbed her dead body.

Julius Omnius, having been told of the assault where fast at the plaza, but alas – too late. As he lamented at the body of his wife, he were approached by the very same gang of murdering Eeta. In their amazing disrespect for the lawful order and all that is decent – they started insulting Julius with very cruel talk of his wife’s death.
When they bared their blades Julius ran to the guards in the bank, he directly asked for the help of the imperial lictor there. This lictor must have been bribed by someone, because he did not answer – he didn’t even look at Julius.
As the lictor stood as unmoving as a royal guard, the gang of Eeta closed in on Julius. Quickly he jumped behind the bank counter to better his defense. The murderers closed in, and in the fray a bank clerk were struck. This animated the lictor into action and the Eeta were quickly chased away.

Now something very disturbing took place, a man likely also of the Eeta, who helped the guards chase off the gang, then engaged Julius in conversation. From my hiding place I could not hear all they said, but it was clear to me that this was one of Ingebritts hired men out to kill Monica. Julius pleaded with him not to add to the horror and bloodshed, but he only giggled evilly and went away. I have no other identification of this man, but his characteristic giggle and his unnerving aura of murderous intention.
I had my manservant follow him, but the giggling man quickly realised this and disappeared in an alley.

I am afraid that tragedy did not cease with this. Outside the bank, one of the murderous Eeta insulted Julius with the words: “yes I killed your wife, what the fuck are you gonna do about it”.
Julius in his state of distress, engaged in a duel he could not win and were cut down by the Eeta “Aleowor”.

I am not sure if these murders were “just” another tragic display of the lawless state of our beloved capitol, if it was an expression of the lower classes hatred of Ingebritt and support of Monica – or if this was in fact a professional assassination planned by Monica.

My slave who have been following Monica, reported that she have been in contact with an unidentified knight who is not from Tindrem. He has been eavesdropping and suspect that they are romanticly involved. Also he heard them discussing her criminal charges and her case of reentering the Theurgy, it appears that Monica believes Ingebritt was in possession of letters that prove a conspiracy against her.

I therefore took the liberty of sending my slaves to do a house search in the Omnius mansion. This yielded nothing – if such evidence exist, it is possible that Ingebritt have carried it on her person – and it is likely to be lost. Thrown in the canal - as so many other stolen goods without immediate value to the Eeta.

With obedience and respect
Mannfried, 6th secretary to the office of Heritage and Citizenship

Letter to Casus Ankalumnos the elder, head of the office of Heritage and Citizenship

My Patron, what kind of dark affair did you involve me in?

This night my household were attacked, and not by any creature I’ve ever heard of before!
I awoke just after midnight by the most terrible howl, I’d hardly awoken properly when a large part of the wall were smashed, smashed from the outside and inwards…. Amid the rubble and dust I saw that most insane sight, a black creature – almost shining dark as a starless night. Horns, wings and a scorpions tail were what I discerned of its shape before I dived into hiding. It flew through my bedroom and continued through the walls, in a straight line toward the serfs quarters – going through walls as if they were no obstacle, tearing parts of the roof as it went.
And oh the sounds I heard from beneath my bed, the sound of my serfs and slaves screaming in pain as it tore them apart. While the demon – I presume it was a demon – made no sound at all. As silent as it’s face were blank, and I do mean blank as a polished black egg, no facial features at all.

I don’t know for how long I lay there, alot longer than it took the creature to wreak havoc and death in my house. I did not see it leave. When I crawled out from under my bed and trembling went to see the damage, I simply fainted at the sight of such carnage.

Six of my slaves and my trusted manservant are all dead in the most horrible fashion. I am certain that it is no coincidence that these were the same people who did the house search of the Omnius mansion, earlier that same day.

My house is in ruins. All together, the house damages and loss in slaves amount to the approximate sum of 617 gold pieces.
I am sure that you will agree that this is connected to the case I have investigated on your behalf, and that this loss therefore will be covered by you, along with my other expenses – which amount to 145 copper.

You may also consider this letter as my resignation letter. The life of a city clerk is no longer of interest to me. I beg that you accept my resignation and grant me leave.

With obedience and respect
Mannfried, 6th secretary to the office of Heritage and Citizenship

Report to the magistrate of Tindrem concerning the case of the woman known as Monica, formerly of the Theurgy caste.

It have been two months since I last reported to your grace on this matter. As I am sure you recollect with horror the tragic events surrounding my former investigation, this time I have taken the liberty of instigating my new investigation in secrecy.

I have hired some more professional servants to act on my behalf, considering the carnage and destruction wrought upon Mannfried my late secretary and his household, I have chosen to keep their names out of all records, even from this report.
I pray your grace will be tolerant of this.
I would even have kept this inconclusive investigation from your grace the Magistrate, for your own safety, but it appear that some kind of official action might be required, as I am certain your grace will see, when your grace have finished this report.

A short summary
Since Ingebritt were murdered and any evidence to clear the name of Monica where likely thrown in the harbour, Monica have taken her animosity toward non tindremic foreigners to the most hateful extremes. She have on several occasions caused severe public disturbance by shouting out against the alvarin in our city, she have publicly humiliated and called them out. There have even been at least two cases, where she armed with a bow, shot at random alvarin in the streets.

I am sure we all appreciate her patriotic behaviour to some degree, as did the city guard that caught her on the rooftop with the bow. But this behaviour is getting out of hand and could easily overstep the fine line between tindremic patriotism and blatant terrorism and brigandry.

More seriously, during the last two months the guards have had four complaints from respectable merchants – they claim that Monica have falsified their signatures on fake love letters, letters she have used to blackmail them under threat of public scandal. So they accuse her of forgery and blackmail.

Lastly and most seriously, my men have discovered that Monica apparently have joined an exotic esoteric sarducaan sect. This sect who have just recently been introduced into Tindrem, have grown quickly even though it is very secretive. My men only discovered its existence by shadowing Monica at all hours.
When I was told of this, I naturally refused to believe it, so my men took me to see for myself, I can personally swear that what I tell you – I have seen with my own eyes.

This vile sect are practitioners of both cannibalism and the sacrifice of both human and alvarin. I know not to whom or what their rites are intended – because the language they used where not any one I have ever heard, certainly not any dialect from Sarducaa. With my own old eyes I saw several well respected tindremic men and women take part in these disgusting rites.
The inner circle of this sect is composed of a fairly unknown tindremic mage, several sarducaan merchants, some alvarin thiefs, a very large kallard soldier and Monica.

What perhaps will disturb your grace even more, is that your grace himself is in danger of being linked to these foreign occult rites-should they ever become public knowledge.
The apparent leader of this sect is the very same merchant from Sarducaa that your grace personally invited some three months ago, and whom your grace gave the right to set up shop and hire tindremic citizens for his workshop. I have no doubt your grace know of whom I speak.

I recommend
The extent of this scandal could be devastating for the order of our city and for the respect the plebs show us - should it ever become public.

My hired men who are proficient in the art of interrogation have not succeeded in providing a single piece of evidence nor any witnesses of the crimes these foreigners have brought Tindrem. I fear that my word alone is not enough to secure any legal solution.
Therefore I recommend that your grace reopen the complaints against Monica for forgery and blackmail – and that Monica be either jailed or exiled until the Imperial court find the time to pass judgement on her case for re-entry into the Theurgy.

Also I would recommend that the sarducaan foreigners who have brought this vile sect to our civilised city be jailed in all haste and without any publicity. If we cut off the foreign head of this sect, I am sure that our respected tindremic citizens will return to their decent lives.

My men stand ready for a crackdown on these foreigners, your grace only need to give the order.

With the utmost respect.
The head of the office of heritage and citizenship.
Long live the emperor.

To the captain of the guard

Make sure that these posters are spread throughout Tindrem.

We know that you have nurtured a certain sympathy and intimate relation with this criminal, but for the sake of public order you must set aside any patriotic and other sympathies, and do your utmost bring this terrorist to justice.

Make sure that your men realise the grave danger her actions pose to the reputation of tindremic law and order.
It matters not that she mainly aim her bow at alvarin, her continued assaults on alvarin and other foreigners is damaging to the integrity of your own office as captain of the guard, as well as that of tindremic order.

We realise that the Imperial Court is likely to rule in her favour, when they eventually review her case for reentry into the caste of the Theurgy. Therefore we ask that you impress upon your men, that Monica be captured alive and that she must not be exposed to the usual treatment.

We are sure both you and your men will be happy to act in accordance with this order.

Tindrem Magistrate
Long Live The Emperor

the first wanted poster
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Another old report... from the time of the first crackdown on Monica and her suspected allies.

My lord Magistrate

As ordered, I am building the final case against Monica.
I had my agent ST gather most relevant information on the customers of Monica formerly of the Theurgy.
With the guidance provided by your office, I managed to focus on five of her many clients, a kallard, two sarducaans and two tindremenes.
Considering her skill in blackmail and her extreme influence on these men, It is fair to claim that she have gained influence on at least two tindremic criminal organsations. I will stress my personal opinion, that she is in fact the leader of both these groups.
The Company of Tindrem and the cult known as the Circle.

The drawing delivered with this letter, show Monica's clients in the inner red circle. The rest show the influence these contacts are likely to have gained this courtesan..
It is rather selfexplanatory.

The Captain of the Guard​
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And here is the more recent wanted poster:

A horrible crime was comitted

Today a terrible crime was committed in the central district of Tindrem.
Monica the Pleb, well known member of the terrorist human supremacist organisation, the Company of Tindrem – charged up the great stairs, assaulted, and struck down the Magistrate of Tindrem.

WantedForthe attempted murder of.jpg
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