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The first - and old - reports on the Company of Tindrem
(this took place at the same time as the "First War of the Southern Bend")

Report to the Magistrate of Tindrem, concerning the Company of Tindrem

Your grace
As you requested I have had my officers gather information on the terrorist group known as the Company of Tindrem.
This investigation have uncovered many facts but have raised even more questions.

A short summary of the events:

During the last two months there have been a dramatic rise both in xenophobia and random acts of violence against foreigners in Tindrem. Most of these attacks have been directed at people of the alvarin race and anyone else associated with the guilds of Fabernum.
These acts of random terrorism have reached a point where many unarmoured alvarin cannot travel the unguarded alleys out of fear of murder. Also there have been many instances of sniping from the roofs of the mainstreet.
Posters with the parole “Tindrem for Tindremenes – fight back” have on several occasions been circulated all over town.
An underground rallying meeting was recently dispersed by the guards and several pamphlets with traitorous content were confiscated. (See Below for a transcript of the speech given there by a masked Company member and 2 confiscated posters)

Summary of the lower caste’s attitude toward the terrorists:

Among the majority of the Plebs and the Eeta, these terrorist are held in high regard. Many refer to them as ”Tindrems last line of defense against the filth”, others tell exaggerated stories of how the terrorists punish the thieves and murderers that infest Tindrem. Some even call them the “real city guards” or “the Tindrem militia”.
Some Plebs hold the belief that the Company was created by Monica the Pleb to pursue her vengeance on the alvarin thieves who caused her so much grief earlier this year.
Unfortunately these ideas have found a large audience among the poor Eeta and Plebs of Tindrem.

A minority of the questioned Eeta hold a different opinion. They say that the Company is a big scam, a conspiracy devised by the well known criminal and thief Monica the Pleb – according to them, her aim is to expel the professional alvarin thieves from Tindrem, to make room for her own, amateurish tindremic thieves guild. These same people claim that she is a cannibalistic devil worshipper and this theory is of course pure nonsense- even though we should keep it in mind that we may profit from promoting this theory, should we decide for a crackdown on these terrorists.

Recent arrests:

Many arrests were made when the recent rallying meeting was dispersed. This gave my officers the opportunity to ask some hard questions in a controlled environment:
It appears that these terrorist are driven by the noble idea, that Tindrem sovereignty over Fabernum and Kranesh should be restored, and that pureblooded humans should enjoy more rights than halfbreeds and nonhumans. The Company are therefore to be regarded as a “human supremacist” organisation.
Had the chain of thought stopped here – all would be well, but they continue to claim that the Emperor and the nobilitas are weak and does not do their duty to the Empire. This is of course treason.
When pressed on the subject of who is the leader of the company – one man was mentioned, Macrinus the Pleb.

Macrinus the Pleb

Macrinus is a man well known to the city guards. He is a 30 year old pureblooded Tindremene of the Pleb caste. In his youth he was a capable and locally fairly known actor. His career of acting was cut short, when he was jailed for impersonating the magistrate of Tindrem with the purpose of acquiring certain economic favors from the families of the nobilita. I am sure your grace remember this scandal.
After his release and exile, he have made a name for himself – by travelling Myrland pretending to be a Tindremic legatus. Even though he is highly charismatic, I am fairly certain he does not posses the financial and intellectual capacity to direct an organisation like the Company.
Presently he is posing as a Tindremene knight and have taken the false last name Justinian.

Most recent events:

Recently the anti Fabernum alliance in the present war – build a tower on Kranesh bridge. For a short time some parts of Tindrem trade was disrupted. This apparently animated the terrorists of the Company into joining the fray. They naturally suffered defeat.
Inspite of their inability to dismantle this tower – their continued and costly attempts at doing so have earned them even more respect from the lower castes.
The Company have now had the audacity to publicly state their intention of waging a small war in the hills of Kranesh.


In their so far largest action, the Company mustered four people. At other attacks they have mustered three. My investigation have identified 9 individuals that have taken part in their actions, all except two have – to my knowledge- only taken part in one action.
It is my conclusion that the actual core of this terrorist organisation count only three persons.. two of which are identified and then their yet to be discovered leader.
Why do I presume that there are a unknown leader?
Simply because Macrinus does not have the intellect to organise, Monica does not have the “human skills” and neither of them have the financial means to pay for gear and supplies.
The questions we should ask ourselves are these:
Who supplies them with money and gear?
What are their actual agenda? Are they actually a noble Tindremic supremacist organisation or do they work for some other hidden agenda or power?
If the Tindremic cause is but a scam, then I presume that their propaganda only serves to gather followers – for what purpose do they need these Eeta and Pleb followers?
Who are the actual leader of this organisation?


It is my recommendation that the guards should arrest all known associates of this “Company of Tindrem”. Their patriotic propaganda have its uses – but since it is mixed with traitorous views on the leadership of the nobilitas and the Emperor himself, they should be regarded as an infectious disease on the body of Tindrem – and as such it should be cut off.

with obedience and respect

the Captain of the guard.

Transcript of the speech given by a masked company member at the slums rallying meeting.

Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you today, my tindremene friends.
And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the Tindremic Empire.
I have a dream that one day this empire will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Tindremenes are created superior."
I have a dream that one day on the green hills of Tindrem, the sons of Tindrem will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood without the Alvarin present.
I have a dream that one day even the state of Fabernum, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of Tindremic justice.
I have a dream that little Tindremene children will one day live in a Tindremic nation where they only be judged by their species and not by the content of their character.
I have a dream today!

I have a dream that one day, over in Fabernum, with its vicious Alvarin, with its governor having his lips dripping with hypocrisy and tawdry freedom -- one day right there in Fabernum little Tindremene boys and Tindremene girls will be able to join hands with other little Tindremene boys and Tindremene girls as sisters and brothers, without the Alvarin threat looming above them.
I have a dream today!

Confiscated Company posters:

fightback3.jpg fight4.jpg

together we beat.jpg
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This is also a very old report about Monica and Macrinus.

Report to the Magistrate of Tindrem

this letter was intercepted by agents of the office of heritage and citizenship
This is to be archived with the rest of the Monica files.

either in the Company of Tindrem file

or in the Monica file

the letter:

To Macrinus, captain of the Company of Tindrem

Thank you for the food, wine and discussion last night. As always it was a great pleasure that left me almost satisfied. I'm sorry about the interior, I'm sure you agree that the table, chairs and painting was ready to be scrapped anyway.
I have to confess this. You were right. Among the alvarin species there exist at least one individual worthy of Tindremene citizenship.

This night I was guarding the Tindrem gate as ordered, when a young alvarin came upon me.
As is their custom, it was dressed very lightly and had a greatblade strapped to his back.
Though everything about its appearance had me thinking.. oh another foreign pointy eared thief..... its voice had a certain noble tone... a tone that made me remember our discussion on specicism yesterday.

It called me out as a criminal, wanted by the emperor! The mere fact that a pointy eared alvarin can even grasp the concept of imperial law... its enough to make a girl wonder.. isnt it?
Naturally we had a short exchange of blows... it pains me to admit this, but it could have killed me easily. But instead of collecting the bounty on my head, it started to talk...
Apparently it's name is Pronto Flash, a typical alvarin nonsensical name, furthermore it told me that it was a student of the great fencer Gigamo of the AnquerQuare.
Hearing this, I lowered my axe immediately.

The alvarin proceeded to tell me how it had defeated its mentor Gigamo and how it now resides in tindrem, where it apparently try to help newcommers fight the scum and rabble that is Tindrem reality.
Amazed and stunned by its eloquence, ethics and fencing skill - I was unable to speak.
I'm sure you can imagine.

Adding to my dishonour, it now took the time to give me a very valuable fencing lesson about evading parries and such..... a lesson I regret you did not give me, because it is invaluable.
So to conclude, you were right. Among the Alvarin are individuals worthy of our protection and worthy of the privilege it is to be a Tindrem resident.
I hereby recommend to you, the alvarin fencing teacher, Pronto Flash.

Monica of the Theurgy

Note by the Magistrate
As he have given a fencing lesson to a known terrorist, this foreigner called Pronto flash should be condemned as a co conspirator of both Monica and the terrorist Company of Tindrem.
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Recent report

Report to the Magistrate of Tindrem – Concerning the traitor Macrinus the Pleb,
also known as Macrinus Justinian -captain of the Company of Tindrem.

Your Grace

I regret to inform you that we have been betrayed by one of our own,
our most resourceful agent, Macrinus.
As your Grace know, we first employed Macrinus during the "First War of the Southern Bend", when the activities of the Company became a nuisance.
In those old reports, concerning the Circle of the Old Ones and the Company of Tindrem, his identity were masked as two different persons and named as either ST or Actor – for his own safety, as I feared a leak in your office.
It has now been revealed to me, that he himself was the leak.

Macrinus the Pleb, presently using the false last name "Justinian", have used his considerable charisma to take control of the terrorist group, the Company of Tindrem.
He now publicly calls himself – the captain of the Company of Tindrem.

The day before yesterday, I received a letter from Macrinus, wherein he offered his continued service as a spy within the Circle, he wrote "I really don't like those sadistic cannibals and demon worshippers, and I would love to spy on them for you – if your excellency would see fit to compensate me."
Naturally, I have not answered him and have immediately ordered the Captain of the Guard to produce wanted posters, with the name and description of the traitor.
Furthermore I have had reports that the Company are conspiring with other traitorous elements in Tindrem. I will prepare a full report on this separate issue at a later date.

It is my advice, that we prepare for a renewed wave of terrorism in the streets of Tindrem, and that we order the guards to make another crackdown on the Company and everyone associated with it.
I also ask, that you send a copy of the old file on these matters to my office.

In obedience
The Head of the Office of Heritage and Citizenship.​

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Report to the Magistrate of Tindrem, Concerning the Traitor Macrinus

Your Grace,

As requested by your secretary, I have had my secretaries compile this full report on Macrinus the Pleb, we hope that this report will shed some light on the character of this traitor.
The short report made by my office yesterday, was in no way complete – but made in haste as we thought it necessary that Your Grace be informed as fast as possible about the High Treason comitted by Macrinus.

Macrinus parents were Adrastus and Jocasta, both of the Pleb caste. Both were well respected and loyal subjects of the Empire.
In his yourth Adrastus served in the Imperial Army, where he excelled in the martial arts. When wounds made him ineligible for further service - he became a farrier.
It was Adrastur that taught young Macrinus the art of axe fighting, horsecare and riding.

Macrinus' other talents were taught by his mother. Jocasta who in her youth, as your grace no doubt remember, was a very successful actress and courtesan. The good looks and extreme charm of Macrinus, is certainly the inheritance from Jocasta.

The Roots of his Hatred
Both Adrastus and Jocasta were proud and pure Tindremenes, and even though they imbued the young Macrinus with the natural pride of a Tindremene – there is little doubt that it was the "Onesimus Affair" that created the strong hatred of the Alvarin Clade in Macrinus. Macrinus were 12 years old when this sad affair took place.
In case Your Grace have forgotten this tragic affair, I will quickly summarize it.

Onesimus was a wealthy Alvarin merchant that was ennobled by the Tricapita. This Alvarin was very quick to pursue all the pleasures available to Tindremene Nobilitas, but none of the duties and general noble conduct of this caste. When Jocasta denied to take Onesimus on as her client, he had her murdered brutally, as I am sure Your Grace remember. The Magistrate at the time, found no evidence of Onesimus connection to the Eeta scum that comitted this murder.
One winter morning, 3 years later, Onesimus earless head was found on a pike placed at the gallows in the Great Plaza of Tindrem.

The Young Macrinus gains Fame
Little is known of Macrinus until 8 years ago. According to the files available to my office,
he worked as a farriers apprentice in his fathers shop. When his father died, robbed and killed by some Alvarin Eeta in the slums district – Macrinus liquidated the farrier shop and he began his amazing career as an actor.
The rest is history as they say. Nonetheless, i will summarize it here.

Macrinus was a natural born actor, highly charismatic and very good looking. The first few years he performed the usual pieces made by and for the Plebs at the Great Plaza. And he did good, so good that even the ladies of the Nobilitas begun to loiter near those performances.

Then he begun to write his own pieces, his first piece is still, to this date, one of the most read Tindremic poems: "The Tindremic Burden" the masterful poem about the Tindremic Empire and the grave responsibility that weighs on all Tindremic shoulders.
He wrote many both comic and tragic pieces, but the most famous and remembered is without a doubt, the comic plays about Laura the Eeta Courtesan.
Few pieces have been performed as often and have drawn as large crowds as "The Laura Canal" and "Nicon in Laura".

Jail and Exile
But young Macrinus lacked the discrete conduct of his betters, and he used his very good connections with the ladies of the Nobilitas, to blackmail and humiliate several well respected noble citizens of Tindrem.
In the end, he tried to impersonate Your Grace's predecessor, the magistrate. He was promptly jailed. His good connections within the Nobilitas earned him an all too early release and he was then exiled from Tindrem.
According to our sources, he then caused some trouble in the provinces, where he during his travels was impersonating a Tindremic legatus.

Return to Tindrem
When Macrinus returned to Tindrem, roughly two and a half years ago, he had taken the false noble last name Justinian. This was around the time when the case of Monica the Pleb had become a matter of interest to the public, mainly to those of the Eeta and the Pleb caste.
Macrinus and Monica quickly discovered that they shared their intense hatred toward the Alvarin and toward Your Grace the Magistrate's predecessor. According to my information, they have been allies since then.

Shortly after the murder of Julius and Ingebritt Omnius, we received the first reports of xenophobic terrorism in Tindrem, the Company of Tindrem had been formed.
I would like to note that both my office and the Captain of the Guard, still hold the opinion that the Company was led by Monica the Pleb at this point. I stand by my former reports.

Macrinus as our Spy
When the Company engaged in "First War of the Southern Bend" and thereby became a nuisance on the Tindremic body and an embarrassment for the Empire - my office hired Macrinus to spy on the Company from the inside, and it was he who first managed to deliver hard evidence about the Circle of the Old Ones, who – at least at that time – had some connection to Monica.
I regret I was not allowed to lead the investigation into this cult – as I suspect they were behind the dramatic murder of the household of my 6th secretary, I feel personally involved.

For the longest time, he gave us good information about the Tindremic Nobilitas that had been led astray by this vile Sarducaan cult. Information we dutifully passed on to the Magistrates' Office.
It was Macrinus who named the Sarducaan merchant, Abdul Alhazrad, as the leader of that vile cult.
I am aware that Your Grace has evidence to suggest that this is false information and I bow to your better judgement. Investigating non Tindremene foreigners is beyond my jurisdiction.
The reason I bring this up once more, is because Abdul Alhazrad have left Tindrem in quite a hurry, right after we decided to prepare for a crackdown on both the Circle and the Company.
I would like to remind Your Grace, that the same thing happened the last time we prepared a crackdown on these foreign devil worshippers and on the Company.
Personally I do not believe in coincidence - but again, and as always, I bow to your better judgement.

Macrinus the Traitor
Back to the matter at hand. My spies recently discovered that Macrinus have been leading us astray in regard to the whereabouts and doings of Monica the Pleb. They also discovered that Macrinus now is in fact the leader of the terrorist group, the Company of Tindrem. I contacted Macrinus by the usual channels, and received the response mentioned in my previous report. I consider that response both an insult and as an admission of guilt – considering it was signed : Macrinus Justinian, Captain of the Company of Tindrem.
Furthermore, we suspect, as mentioned in the previous report, that Macrinus is conspiring with other traitorous elements in Tindrem – to what purpose, we are yet unaware.

Summary on the Character of Macrinus the Traitor
Macrinus is extremely charismatic and is somewhat intelligent. He is a fairly well trained warrior, and his hatred for the Alvarin Clade is extreme. He is a proud Tindremene that honestly believe in the Tindremic Empire – as his poem "The Tindremic Burden" proves.
He is convinced that the Empire has been corrupted by the Tricapita and by Your Grace the Magistrate and the officials of Your Grace.
His traitorous views could easily spread and he should be considered as a very dangerous traitor to the Empire. Macrinus is a cancer on the Tindremic Body, and as such – should be cut off.

In obedience
The Head of the Office of Heritage and Citizenship.
Long Live the Emperor

To the Magistrate of Tindrem – suggestion for a wanted poster
Your Grace,​
I have taken the liberty of preparing a wanted poster for the Circle of the Old Ones.​
I know that Your Grace does not share my views and suspicions on this matter.​
This is a reprint of the original wanted poster, prepared by my Office, when we first tried to make a crackdown on this vile cult.​
This time I have added all the names of the suspects – those same names that the former Magistrate had removed from the original poster, before it was circulated.​
I fully understand that this is a very sensitive issue, as some some these people are very respected citizens of Tindrem, and most of the information was brought to us by the traitor Macrinus.​
Nevertheless, I find that this case is of such gravity, that we need to at least bring them in for questioning - in a controlled environment. As one of these persons have already left the city, I feel that time is not on our side – if we wish to end this foreign sect.​
I pray that Your Grace will forgive me for this transgression into the jurisdiction of some of the other Tindremic Offices – and that Your Grace will at least consider circulating this wanted poster among the City Guards.​
In obedience​
The Head of the Office of Heritage and Citizenship.​
Long Live the Emperor​
A copy of this wanted poster should be archived with the "Circle of the Old Ones" file.​
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A letter from the Magistrate to the Office of Heritage and Citizenship

To the Head of the Office of Heritage and citizenship

I was tempted to have my predecessors reply copied and resend to your office.
My answer is the same, there are no tangible evidence to justify such harsh accusations against such well respected citizens of the Empire. The word of a traitor is not proper evidence.
Have you even considered that this, Macrinus the Traitor – could be lying, that he might have been a doublespy all along – and that these accusations might be exactly what he hope to achieve?

Do not print those posters and make sure that they are all destroyed.
I have ordered the Captain of the Guard to pursue the known members of the terrorist Company, Monica, Nullius and Macrinus.
Do not interfere with this investigation and crackdown.

The Magistrate of Tindrem
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A private letter from the head of the Office of Heritage and Citizenship-
to the Captain of the Guard


I write you privately, as I know very well that I can count on your discretion.
We are both acquainted with the testimony of Macrinus, as well as with the fact that a certain Sarducaan merchant have fled Tindrem for the second time.

We are both practical men, and I therefore presume that you are as eager as I to catch and interrogate some members from the inner circle of that Sarducaan cabal of demon worshippers that have taken root in our fair city.
Please circulate this wanted poster among your most trusted men, and be discreet about it.
Let us do this "off the record", but let us do it.


(with the letter is a copy of the wanted poster for the Circle - this letter is also found in the thread about the circle of the Old Ones)
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Report to the Magistrate of Tindrem, concerning the Company of Tindrem

Your Grace,

I send you this most urgent report concerning the plans of the terrorist Company of Tindrem.
Yesterday evening my men followed Monica the Pleb, she was in a very intoxicated state and was easy to follow. She went to a ruined house in the sunken city, here she met with Macrinus Nullius and a third Pleb. Unfortunately my men were too eager to make the arrests and failed to call for support. A short brawl erupted and Monica, Nullius and Macrinus managed to escape.

The fourth man whom my men managed to subdue – is an until now unknown Tindremene Pleb by the name "Yaba". Among the plebs and Eeta he is known as "Yaba the Fisherman".
In their agitated state my men interrogated Yaba on the scene, and they did not "pull any punches" they said.

Yaba revealed some interesting information. He is a full member of the terrorist Company. Yaba admitted being part of a plot to gather support for the Tindremene and Human Supremacist cause among the upper castes of Tindrem. They are changing their human supremacist tactic towards targeting exclusively the Alvarin Clade.

According to Yaba, the Company have formulated a "Tindremene Law of Heritage" that they are spreading among the upper castes of Tindrem as well as among the lower castes. They plan to have their supporters press for this law to be added to the laws of the Empire. They believe that if they succeed, they will have won a great victory as well as won some legitimacy. If they do not succeed, they plan to gather support by enforcing this law themselves – by their usual terrorist methods.

No matter how sympathetic Your Grace and the Tricapita might be toward this proposed law, I am certain that it will never become Tindremic Law.
Therefore we should prepare for a coming wave of xenophobic violence directed toward the Alvarin citizens of Tindrem.

This morning, when my men were about to resume the interrogation, they found the cell empty. Yaba has escaped and it is likely that some of the prison guards helped him do this.
We should prepare for the worst.

With this report, I send you the posters found on Yaba's person.

The Captain of the Guard

The Two confiscated Company posters:
Tindrem Laws3.png

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