experienced player looking for first real guild


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valhalo, calling somebody else strange? arent you the little kid who used to think he was good for beating people with lances when they where OP and took no stam? then quit the game once they patched em. now your just a lonely little scrub whos naked half the time.. i remember you bragging about being the best solo player in the game until i put you in your place, then never seen you again xD good times
why would someone want you in their guild if you are not even having the minimum it takes and are hiding your name ? you said you played 5y, you say some people are trash in your very firsts posts in your own topic, you dodge 2 times the only question that is mattering, who are you ?
let me answer this for you : a fucking piece of trashcan retard
you where so obssed with being the "best" that you screenshot the convo that made you quit the game LMFAO! and kid you beat me once with your lance before this convo. i played your duel, won and afterwards i made you my sex slave everytime i seen you around lmfao!!
Go duel me , i have toon in tind now , you say too many i wonna see you in fight ;)
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hey keurk, after you learn to read maybe you can work on those comebacks!! :D i wrote all 4 toon names of one of my accounts. and cebep i dont remember you being worth talking to but hey, i remember smacking you around a few times aswell. anytime you would like to give that a shot come meet one one my toons in tind!