Falling through map, Nothing tilts me harder

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I've legit quit mortal 4 times now due to falling through this shit sarduccan map. The akrep spawn northeast of pash near the stone lizards and the cultist dungeon area in general are the worse cuprits; but it seems to happen on any hills in sarducca.

Please fix this shit because I can die 300 times in pvp, get camped in a hut, and lose cronite or a stack of gold and not be nearly as tilted as when I die because i logged in on a fucking incline. Stop working on side projects and fix the game that you get subs off of. I'm pretty much forced to farm in sandland because you guys made mino's unprofitable for my budget ma. Why not fix bugs instead of breaking people's farming zones.

Also, why do i need to send a damn ticket every time a pet follows me over the bridge? fix your damn game or at least have SOMEONE available for support 24/7. I lost a really good horse and a stack of mini boss carc because I'm not going to revive in pash and walk all the way back to where i was.