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I mean i guess this should be a bug thread but not totally sure where the bug is.

Been fishing in Ducaa alot and sometimes i'll set the hook and get the reel-in animation... play that out til i land the fish. Then i get nothing, no message in chat, nothing new in inventory, nothing lost, nothing gained.

This seems to always happen when i'm pretty late on setting the hook. Not sure if it's an invisible fish or just a bug with when i set the hook or... idk

Didn't want to put in ANOTHER bug report without some hard info :p. Anyone else experience this? and maybe do some good testing to understand the bug more?
Its not a sarducan thing, I 've had it happen to me on the shores of tindrem, and Toxai. I always just assumed the Fish spit the hook out like they do in real life. maybe Devs can comment and let us know if it's intended or not.

Edit; and if it is intended, we should get some sort of message like : The fish Jumped off the hook!
Not open for further replies.