Forgotten Lore & Legends (The war in 2017)

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Myself being friends with KilLox and friends with Hayasa. (UnicornHooves and I discussed and recorded what happened in 2017)

The war started when TEMP (Templar Knight's) were sieged by a sub guild of RPK called SKIF. When Sarducca first arrived, many left Myrland because of the violence and wanted a peaceful place to farm without pvp. In this endeavor, PVE and roleplaying guilds were formed like EDEN and JUNO, the first settlers in the western sepats and who owned Belrum and the northern jungles respectively. Albeit, there was one resource that caught Myrland's attention: The Stonewood Tree. At this time TEMP ran that sector and heavily fortified it but could not sustain it. In time Skif sieged TEMP and took control of Pash. EDEN and JUNO sold their keeps shortly after never to be heard of again. In this travesty...
NULL formed the Sarduccan Empire. Unlike JUNO and EDEN who did not like violence, Gosu embraced it and pushed back SKIF. It became a merriment of skirmishes, but NULL proved to be the greater force.

Months later, the DesertLord Keep was sieged and RPK thought it was a DRED asset. This is ultimately what rekindled the war. And to this day no one truly knows who designed that masterful Keep but some say it was created by the Spanish and Cerebus who founded the glorious guild Paisano bought it off them. Ironically, Cerebus is the one who organized a siege in Myrland and overthrew the Spanish years prior. As for the DesertLord Keep; Lacdannon, Glaan, Wamukota and Crimsondovakiin were taking care of it when Cerebus retired. Thus when SKIF sieged it, KilLox took this personal since he and Lac are cronies. In retaliation DRED with help from 2017, ID, REQ and NULL, this strong alliance took out SKIF, NSFW and WEED all in one week. It looked like RPK was losing and I am sure they were losing sleep at night. But somehow KilLox slipped up and left Lacdannon's palisade vulnerable. Miraculously, PYRE came to RPK's aid. There was a big fight near SHOP VILLAGE and Lacdannon's palisade was sieged.

Indeed, PYRE and RPK joined forces along with SEXY who took possession of Lacdannon's palisade. Lac afterwords went on vacation and without his wisdom and battle prowess KilLox amd Crewe had to carry the war themselves. KilLox slipped up again by betraying Reaver who had done a poor work taking Meduli with hopes of flooding it with resources for everyone; only to order Reaver to let it go and give it to ROAR as an asset. This did not happen, SKIF came to Reavers aid with the ambition of fighting their enemies. It was not about Reaver but ending the war. Meanwhile, Hayasa was brilliantly moving RPK forces in the north while KilLox was rumored to have abandoned his allies playing the video game Life is Feudal. Again he slipped up and RPK won in 2017.

The Fall of Reaver's SHOP Village

The DesertLords Keep