(FURY) TeddyBear Legend Will Live For Ever

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As the sole deity of the ruffians that once saved The Steppes from the unworthy . The Legend Of TeddyBear will forever live on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It's been a long game, and old soldiers generally love to talk--

For this thread to make it into the annals of history in its proper place,
Has he died or whats going on? Shit thread.
I think someone's going to have to explain:
  • Who are the ruffians who once saved The Steppes from the unworthy?
    • Who were the unworthy?
  • Who or what was TeddyBear?
    • What is his/her/its legend?

For extra credit,
  • who was tebnikl?
  • use screenshot and/or video illustrations.
  • perform an interpretative dance on this subject and/or theme.
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