Game might as well be discontinued

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I'm here to laugh mainly, i figure im invited since you poked me on twitter not too long ago. I gotta ask, how have you still not learned? Bigger map, uh, lol, was the map size ever your problem? Rework of your skill system good, you'd been told by everyone that was needed since beta. What's more striking is the absences, where's the pledge to put stability and functioning game features over bugged features you ignore and spaghetti code? Where's the promise not to drive away your community with active hostility and dangerously incompetent community management? I don't need to ramble, everyone here knows.

How haven't you learned your lesson after this long? I'm amazed. Have fun developing MO 2, because that will be the only fun part given this announcement. It won't be fun trying to manage those books afterwards.
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Thats not even what u said. Now stop being a crybaby.
There’s no more soul or passion from the developers. At least when the game was problematic before, we had an ambitious and passionate team working on the game.
Do you even fucking read before you reply ?
I’m honestly concerned with your reading comprehension
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