Guide to Raising Skills Efficiently

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You can level feint from start to 100 in 1-2 nights. Start to read it before armor training and run running macro. You will lvl up both feint and armor/hvy armor training


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I see potion utilization is set as blue, but to be honest, this should be green. You can max it for 0 to 100 within half an hour.
Grab some food. make stacks of 1 unit and eat it. Or just take a bigger stack, eat -> move -> eat -> move etc.
At the beginning eating 1 unit bumps you from 0 to 16, then 16 to somewhere in 20s, then it keeps going slower.
Eventually you get 1 level per 1 unit.

Its like how you leveled passive regen back in the days.
wow dis guide change my life thanx dipfinling for doing this guide i am such a noob what would i hav done i found so much stuff i n here
Thank you so much for this, Diphling. I've been looking up your guide every time I get interested in a particular skill. I'm not a fan of macros, but the general information of "Skill X rises only when you do Y" is extremely helpful!
Thanks for the guide! It's still helping over 2 years later ... and counting!
New player here. Just chiming in to say thanks, extremely appreciated! Not sure if the swimming stuff still works though..I lose stam when autorunning facing up at the sky...
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