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Hello guild leaders! I created a guild browser on mortal map which displays information on guilds. You can view the post about it here. Users may also fill out a form on a guilds page and send an application direct to the leaders. It could be a good tool for new players mainly, but it needs your help!

Therefore please PM me if you would like your guild on the list. If you include an email address then application forms can be sent directly through the map. This email address will remain private and users can only send applications with a long cooldown. The applications will arrive once per day, bundled into 1 email and there is a filter for spam.

For those who have their own form on a website, I can make the apply to join button link there instead.

If nearly all guilds have this option then it will definitely help new players get into the game.

For those that have signed up, please add to your approved list on your mail. It will most likely arrive in junk by default until you do.

Example Email

Guild Information

Application Form



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Nicely done Pockets, you'll know we'll want our brand on there!

One of our guys will contact you in the near future about it! ^_^


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pockets <3
Good work as always Sly.
Very nice! Would be nice to see more guilds contributing their basic info to this project. Would help new players a lot.


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You are the best Pockets!
If only MO could be more like Slyy.
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Thanks everyone!

I'm glad its being used, there are now 10 guilds on there which people can apply to join in 3 clicks! I have sent out a test email today to all those guilds just to make sure everything is working. It may arrive in your junk box until you add to your approved list.

The email should look exactly like this (let me know if not please) :

awesome, works. thanks man


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I luff u pocketz. U make mo better. SV should buy your site for 1 million engrish moneyz.
GJ pockets, and thanks for linking it to our membership form application.
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