HerrMugnen, the roaming bowcrafter [custom bows for all str]

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HerrMugnen the bowcrafter will start roaming from city to city delivering top tier bows, custom made according to your own strenght.

Dont put yourself in the hand of shady, just-met bowcrafters, wich can have non-maxed lores or poor material choices. Dont go to the overpriced Trade Broker. Have your own trustworthy bowcrafter come to your town free of charge: my bows are guaranteed for high durability, fast shooting, low stamina drain and high damage.
I will travel to your city and send you (or trade you) the bows, as said completely free of charge.

Post here or PM me requesting the type of bow you want (note, for str below 85 usually make shortbows only, unless you require different materials) and the str requirement of your char. Asymmetrical bows available too .

Affordable prices that will be negotiaded privately. i will update the post from time to time). bulk orders are appreciated (and thus will be greatly discounted :D)

HerrMugnen: more than a name, a guarantee!

List of available bows:

notes: dense crepite bows offer some extra point of dmg at the same tensile strenght (STR requirement), but the cost is also increased slightly.

top quality foot archer longbows for:
- 80 str (dense crepite shortbow)
- 90 str (dense crepite shortbow)
- 100 str
- 105 str
- 107 str
- 115 str
- 115 str in dense crepite
- 117 str
- 117 str in dense crepite

mounted archer asymmetrical bows:
- 105str
- 107str
- 115str
- 115str dense crepite
- 117
- 117 dense crepite
- 119str
- 119str densce crepite
- 121
- 121 dense crepite.

prices for all bows are
- longbows 1g50
- longbows in dense crepite 2g50
- asymmetrical bows 2g
- asymmetrical bows in dense crepite 3g.

all bows will be delivered to any city in the world: with 10+ bows purchased the delivery is free.

if you order 15 bows or more there will be a bulk discount applied (discussed in PM)

i can make shortbows as well if a MA or foot fighter wants them. however at the current stage of bowcrafting i wouldnt recommend them for nothing

those listed are the recipes i have already, but i can make bows for any str you need. tell me in pm and we try to organize each other (although atm i have very limited time to play and is difficult to catch me online).


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Confirming i've used his bows and they are quality.
Great products and fast delivery. Would and will use again.


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nice crafter. thx for bows
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bump, improved my recipe and made new OP 121 str bows, including dense crepite (highest dmg in game for fast draw bows).

ps: LF for someone (preferably in meduli) with 121 str and 100 damage assessment for some testing
Just bought some bows and he delivered them to MK! Thanks so much HerrMugen the roaming bowcrafter, the bows are amazing!


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I have used these bows in the past and they are very good, the seller is also trustworthy.
Exactly as advertised: top-quality bows, built to spec. And I was surprised with how quickly HerrMugnen made and delivered them. Definitely recommend.