Hot fix 2012-3-19


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seriously though, the shield crash bug, and the loot lag/ loot crash bug are the main issues that need fixing imo.

namely becuase new players have no clue what the hell just happened or how to avoid these bugs.


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Did somebody test if Ecu Spells can really be raised now?
Don't pretend they were working on this for any significant amount of time.
Yeah they obviously fix it so late on purpose =( , too few people for too much work -> hard priorities ... does it ring a bell ?


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The following is a list of shit that better be fixed in Awakening
0) a ) Loot lag b) looting and while looting a player runs over the same loot bag which automatically crashes you.
1) Shield crash bug ( when equipping your shield you have a chance of crashing your self or the people around you causing the enemy to kill you all while crashed or you killing them.) FIX THIS i want to use shields or have the choice to switch from Shield to bow and vice versa.
2) Push Bug
3) I don't want to use Gama any longer make it so when it goes dark i don't need to switch it on.
4) The sun is way to bright almost blinding in PVE or PVP it's very annoying and i'm sure the coding is not hard to change.
6) Stack Splitting bug
7) Falling through the ground
8) The broken water all over the map....come on guys
8a. Water to the right of Kranesh bridge if on the Meduli side on the Meduli side of the river.
8b. Water by the Bakti river where it forks (both sides are fake)
8c. one of the small lakes by Sausage lake has a buggy area where you cannot hit the top of it
9) Fix the ability to bug the water and make it clear
10) Fix the Spider Cave clipping issues for players (Loot and players can disappear and go to the surface by the cave entrance)
11) Lighting needs overhaul (Torches a bit, lighting bugs way more ((mounting/remounting))
12) Fix players shooting into the air while in various parts of the jungle
13) Fix the ability to keep your inventory and equipment if you die in certain areas of Sausage lake (Saved me twice on accident over 18 months now)
14) Smooth every single bridge edge so horses can ride through
15) Get rid of the horse peeing animation (its fucking retarded)
16) Fix loot in the water so it sinks and can be looted where it sunk and not where the player was killed
17) Not 100% sure shields work while on your back (talking about arrows)
18) Tweak Mounted Combat further somehow so it is worth it (it works as is, but not as rewarding as Mounted Archery clearly) & maybe make it so horses cannot be killed so damn easily..
Fixed Branflakes.

If you fix these and tweak these a little the new players and maybe even old ones will come back think about it for a second.We all want the population to grow people are leaving the game in there early stages because of these crappy bugs you and i know this. So do something about it there was a period around a month or two ago where you did some very nice bug fixes , agreed your working on awakening but these bugs need to be addressed.