Hotfix Patch

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  • Fixed issues with animations on molva and lykiator
  • /fixsurname is now working again for people who don't have a surname set.
  • Tiaras will no longer remove the ears from the mesh.
  • Surname now correctly works in the char-creation.
  • Fixed missing texture for sheevra/sheevra head 8 faces 2-5.
  • Fixed some of the worst mesh-seems.
  • Character slots now correctly hold bows in the left hand.
  • Fixed missing sidoian face textures.
  • Dyes is now working with the new armors.
  • Dyes now correctly show in the character-select screen.
  • Fixed characters constantly bending their knees way too much.
  • You will no longer be shown the Unreal/Star Vault logos when logging out.
  • Logging out will now automatically re-login you and bring you to the character select screen.
  • Slightly optimized the loading of naked character arms.
  • Fixed Inverse Kinematics not correctly offsetting the mesh as it should.
  • Female override animations now work in third person to.
  • Helmet meshes are now invisible in first person to prevent blocking the view when using bows.
  • Tweaked speed needed to change animation from walk to jog.
  • You can no longer plant stolen items on someone that isn't the original owner.
  • Fixed issues with timers in the HUD.
Known Issue:
  • Having mixed material armor sets equipped can give the helmet the wrong material color, this will ONLY affect the paperdoll image and not the 3:rd person view.
Not open for further replies.