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* Fixed issue with some items that couldn't be used in potion making.
* Fixed IK turning off with certain animations.
* Fixed issue with people bouncing while resting and sleeping.
* Paper doll helmets should now have their correct look.
* Slightly adjusted Maul head stamina usage and blunt multiplier. *
* Adjusted Raffle bags to be more obtainable in proper location. *
* Female run animations slightly adjusted *
* Shoulder pads that was pushed into the body while in 2h stance is fixed *


* Built new system for foot step sounds based on what material your shoes are.
* Added a new footstep notification for all animations.
* Stout no longer gives +5 con
* Helmets can now use no hair but ears. Added this to some rare helmets.
* Using a 2h weapon on a mount will now drain 2 times the stamina

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