How will MO2 accomodate me, a noob

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I played MO1 back when it started, I participated in the beta and enjoyed it alot.

However, I remember being killed and just randomly slaughtered after a while, and stood no chance vs the big guilds. So I quit. Will MO2 make any changes that makes it more noob firendly, or friendly for casuals etc.

I believe it's important as otherwise the player count will decrease over time as the casuals quit.
Hi, welcome to the old MO1 forums. Most of the community has moved to the new MO2 forums at:

You may like to make yourself known to the community there, if you haven't already done so.

To answer your question, MO2 is built with MO1's core principles from the very beginning, that means the game will always be pvp anywhere anytime and full looting. However...

SV has recognised the need for a better new player experience that provides some protection for newcomers as they learn the ropes and ease them into the game proper.

To this end, they created Haven in MO1, a tutorial semi-continent that allows new players to learn in a Trammel-like environment ala Ultima Online's two-facet mechanic, with the caveat that once you leave Haven you can never come back. My understanding is that they intend to carry this over to MO2.

Hope this helps.