I forgive you SV

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is the jungle completely blurry still?


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Oh... now we talk about minigames? It was quite unclear what you tried to criticize, I was safe to assume you are not ok with the 70s timer and therefore it's a "time" problem.

My whole point was: time to bring carcasses > time to butcher carcasses
If you can bring a Campodon to town, guard it, reach the table with all carcasses in under 10 minutes, then we can talk about the timer.

I personally don't want minigames, but that's because I play 2 accounts and my second account would be pretty useless if everything would have minigames.
But that's my point of view, I can understand that others want minigames of course.

I really like butchering, grinding Wisents was the sucks.
And my point is not the time per se, but the fact that during that time all you do is stare at the screen, and as I sad earlier just to have a queue of carcasses would be a workaround for the situation as it is now (although a poor one). But you don't have that problem and its quite clear why, because you have 2 accounts so you can play on the 2nd one while butchering in the first.

And you actually just proved my point, its so bad a gameplay that the only people that do it is because they are able to do something else while butchering.

I'm not the biggest fan of mini-games but in the case of butchering it is something that would keep the boredom away (depending ofc on the mini-game itself) and the need to login the 2nd account.

i quit my butcher since it was so dull. I'd rather se a queue of butchering. Load a char up with 30 carcasses. Queue them all.

35 minutes later you're done. And you have watched an episode of your favorite series.
This is what happens to those with only 1 account. There is obviously a problem with this profession and all I'm trying to do is bring SV's awareness to it because this can bring a problem to the economy in gereral.

If it becomes very bad that no one wants to be a butcher for real the wall of QQ will start and it will probably end with vendoring carcasses to NPCs. And that would be the worst solution of all IMO.
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You guys are gonna get my thread closed.... this is about my forgiveness towards SV and my love of the jungle and SHOOOOOoOORE POOOOWAHS!


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I concur :)

Although lets be honest. Gameplay design that assumes you're going away while playing the game has something terrible wrong with it doesn't it? :)
Absolutely. I would much prefer an active skill where you picked apart a carcass first by skinning it and then removing bones and teeth. I am just not trying to get everyone's hopes up, including my own.
And its a Shore Prower, not Shore Power :rolleyes:

(Although I still think its meant to be Shore Prowler, Seb made a spelling mistake in one of his drunken states at work :D)
Blame me, not the poor coder-guy.

The nerdy reasoning behind the name goes like this:
They've got a parrot-like "beak", and as that beak is similar to the prow of certain ships and chariots, the Tindremenes call it a prow. Now, a prow is usually "cutting" the water, air or earth in front of it, but I've taken the liberty to say that the everyday/common word (verb) for doing that has become "prowing". Like a plough/plow is "ploughing" (U.K.) or "plowing" (U.S.).

So a "Shore Prower" is a creature that is "prowing" along the shoreline in search for food. It's a combination of ploughing/plowing the sand, cutting through the water, and cutting plants with its prow. It could of course be said to be prowling in the sense of "rove over or through in search of what may be found", but not in the sense of "go about stealthily in search of pray" as they are way too clumsy for that, and also most Prower species are herbivores.

But if you don't like my take on it, I will change the name to something else. It's not like it's a big issue, it's just me fooling around ;)


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Nonsense, I think it's beauuuuuuuuuuutiful!


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Don't change it Mats, it's pwetty :)


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Mats <3
But if you don't like my take on it, I will change the name to something else. It's not like it's a big issue, it's just me fooling around ;)
Nah Mats, it makes sense now and it sounds great.
Thanks for prowing that up for us :D
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