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Actually, ya it would. The pvp hotspots/population are needed to keep many interested, that directly effects every aspect of the game. Without interested people, doesn't matter how much carcass is dropped
I am all for making use of skinning. Allow players to skin in the field without lores at a 30-40% reduction in overall yield. It would mean more time spent out and give fighters a source of income without having to sack a character slot for a butcher.

I don't think the game needs to remove the butcher, but there does need to be changes to how it is handled currently. I surely make no claims my idea is the best, but it could provide some of things people seem to want.


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Lowering carcass drop wont change much, do you think reds will kill hunters for carcass or hunting gear?
I would go different way instead lower mats out of carcass and let people decide to bring carcass home or skin them on the field. Then reds would loot refined materials already not stupid carcass, gosh.
This reply is to incardine ofc.
As Henrik has responded to the OP, I will be closing this thread. There are thread already (see page 1, links provided) for the discussion of butchery.
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