Im looking to join (tvff) guild please message me

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im looking to join tvff guild im pvp and pve interested by trade i m a spear man and soon i will be mounted spear man i use one handed spear and a shield.i have mic headphones and a cam. Im interested in people who have the same setup as i do becouse i whant to join a guild that has chat app so thers no writing.I m a returning player and im a bit rusty with my game so please understand.I also love to join events if there are any.

What i expect from a guild is to have a blacksmith and armorer and some miners and wood chopers im asking this becouse i whould like the trade of armor and weapons to be traded with in the guild.

messege me on my email:,discord Bakota93,message me on forum or ingame send me a message my name is : kingoflions

my ingame name is kingoflions add me to friends and send me a message.