In memory of Ulf

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Henrik Nystrom

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It have now gone a year since my father, Ulf passed away.
I've arranged to put together a truly impressive painting on him that we have put up in Tindrem next to the bank.
As we discussed this before we wanted to make something to remember Ulf in game. We tried to make a statue but couldn't really make it look like him, so we made a painting of him instead which I think turned out very well. We have incorporated Ulf into the game with some lore to come that somewhat represent him in real life as well. Ulf was in real life once a world champion in fencing using Rapiers, so there is no question in what his weapon and skill would have been in the world of Nave. Ulf will be remembered always.


I want to thank Adria for making this impressive art for us! I couldn't be any more happy with the result.
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