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Got bored from meaningless pvps?
Or farming same shits everyday?
Join role play!
Join families serve your bloodline!
Keep cities, control areas.!
Rise your race!

Pick one bloodline
Ranjeni =Werewolves
Nosferatu =Vampires


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If we get good numbers missions wll come for bloodline
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Am writing Genesis of mortal online. From first Day we wll have story. And all these clans wll be bound to story


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Guilds wont be in story. Only clans of cursed ones :)
Is this Clan enough to write History xD

Even if we Splittet sometimes, or not together all the time or wahtever, we are history, We are all Uchiha :)
Legend = Wolfszeit
Wolfszeit = Legend

PARTY HARD! share your clan pics xD

I guess @GOTCHA / vaaka is in Clan with Putin just a wild guess
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