Joined Forums 2008, 2009 & 2010, Still (or Again) Active in 2020

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I started to seriously play it by 2012+

The old forum account that I made around 2012 was lost, since I made it with a random Facebook account that I had, back then Facebook friends had an effect on sub prices when you link your account to Facebook. so I added hundreds of random friends. Lmfao.


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@Darran You were in AI back in days, didnt you?
Thanks @Najwalaylah o7

Hey all! Surprised to get a mention. I'm usually a Lurker lol. And this is my old screen name. I was active long ago. My regular screen name now is PsychoPhobic. I'm mostly just waiting for MO2 at this point.

Nice to see some familiar names in here though. It's been a long time heh.
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24th, not too bad.

But I know other players also playing since beta and staying active till today. But they are not active in the forum.
It's like me ))
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