Let's all be mean to LGM Discord

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Discordo Discordo mortals would cry, laughing with malice he did let them die.
He secretly took all they had lost.
Gathering riches all with no cost.
Invisible pickpocket now you are done, we take all your coins, every last one.


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Under the earth Discordo would wait, looking for bulls with that perfect weight.
Into his dungeon Discordo would lead them.
Covered in oil is how he rode them.
The oil caught fire and so did the horse, but Discordo, he kept humping your horse.
"Banished from the land with no verbal warning."

Thats all I got this early in the morning.


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i saw announcment in discord i thought a patch came o well.. f u than.


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"His soul is black but there is nothing he regrets."

#SickRhymeSkills :p
He lays and waits for your complains to make,
then he laughs and says go slide down my stake.
And if the help he give is nothing but fake,
he would not budge nor he would move
and give you lazy excuse and always rude.
he will will take gold your accounts into oblivion,
then bans you for making a complain notion.


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one day there to save your pet, the next a stern reply you get what you get!
You say but this is not fair!
because you know he just doesn't care.
He says it's out of his control. But you know he is just one mighty troll.
He secretly commands the creatures of Nave, setting them upon you to send you to the grave!
Always short, always rude, smells like fried chicken, and sounds like a brood.

all I got so far :)
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Remember that time tittytwister fell down

You could hear the cheers from inside Tindrem town

And then one foggy midsummer morning
the big bad LGM D was caught doing some spawning

But it wasn’t of dead horses - that’s against the rules!

It was, instead, metal long walls for skif to use

We caught him in the act! as plain as day!

Some of us trapped inside the walls- we got in his way

We posted video proof, his credibility tarnished?

But as quick as those walls spawned, the video vanished...

6 months later with no explanation

Why LGM discord sided with the savage nation

After deep thought and trying to understand

I’ve decided LGM’s a cunt, and I am washing my hands

You're a poet


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There once was a breech of Star Vaults system
The culprits at large because the law missed them
Accounts stolen with no remorse
Discords reply “I can’t tell if it’s yours!”
Naked with only a worn sword to wield
I found a nice horse out in the field
Happy and giddy off I rode
Until suddenly my horse did explode
I screamed to the gods please help
And of in the distance I heard a welp
Hello this is discordo what do you need?
God can you please return me my steed?
Down from the heavens I heard him say
No I can not have a nice day


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"I agree with Galenus"
Build a palisade for Skif he did, but people who talk about it on the discord get banned in the first 5 minutes without a reason.


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Discord Discord Discord why you not work

Discord is the original Discord.


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Bans players because he doesn't get laid in bed
but you can make breakfast from all the yoke in his head

... am I on the right track?
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