Let's all be mean to LGM Discord

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A wall of ice to take relics thrice.
No hair and no care the old man did stare.
Intended the feature they did cry.
Clever use, the rules loose like ones mother.
Certain folk indeed smothered.
Whos to know, ones brother?
To put the dragon to infinate slumber.
A bald headed blunder.
A world of questionable wonder.
A depressed sith lord fighting an oversized akrep with no thunder.
An empty field corrupted by a farm ripped asunder.
A racial epitaph thrown aloof half way across nave.
A coward with a sledgehammer acts very brave.
An army of children screaming with delight.
"Khurite Sidoian, Khurite Sidoian!"
He did take flight.
Past the river and up the spine, he did pray to the devine.
But the gods did naught, no matter how hard he faught.
And a lesson to the ignorant was never taught


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A small gift from discord, our friend
Duped items you can keep to the end
But stay calm and dont say a thing
Or else a short term ban will feel like a bee sting
Not open for further replies.