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I've played years, I'm coming back a new, all I've got is a fully skilled hybrid and a miner, I got a working mic w/ teamspeak or discord, I can take care of my own gold and stuff for the most part, might need help relocating, I've always pvp'd pretty heavily I've had mc/ma's fat mages ground mages ground archers, all types of foo fighters, I'm looking for some laid back people to get to know, if your guild has a bunch of toxic kids don't message me, I'm gonna do my own thing and get my own things, I just don't want to do it alone.
sup dawg chill is my middle name. got 2 accounts gold to back me and crafters. I excel at teaching and building. work hard play hard is my motto come hit me up I'm picking lads up as I go.
Join the order of aspectus haven based guild
Tutarian Empire (TUT) is recruiting new and old members. We are a small guild that takes part in pvp and pve. If interested feel free to message me here on the forums even if it's just to ask questions.