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I just came back to Mortal Online.

During my time in MO, back in... mmm... 2015-2016??? I was part of CoE. I like having fun. That is the main thing. Exploration and Role Playing ... and I prefer PvE but don't mind PvP although am quite bad at it.

I have 4 toons, 2 in Bakti and 1 in Haven and 1 in nWo lands.

In a free account I have a half developed gatherer / miner also in Bakti.

My first idea was to try and join nWo, as we were allies, and we did do some PvP practice with them. Fought RPK in Bakti CoE and nWo, etc. But also I have seen that there are some interesting PvE/PvP guilds in Sarducca (SPQR?).

I am in Europe.
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