Looking to buy house named "hideout"

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i will not give any exact locations on the thread but if anybody has a house built with the name "hideout" i am very interested in buying it if you want. you did a wicked job with the layout of that house who ever you are. if it ever interests you to sell, please PM me here
Hello Joe! If you are talking about the one on the Graveyard Island then that belongs to me. I am sorry to say that I do not wish to sell at this time. Glad to hear you appreciate the design though.
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ahh that explains where the skill comes from, i remember that name from a very long time ago! :) i completely understand you not wanting to sell it bud, but on that note, you did some FINE work on that. one of the most comfortable and holmy places ive seen :p. keep up the good work man! but if ever you have a change of thaught please add me to the list of people who want to purchase :). take care man