Lumberjack/bowyers Looking for active guild

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Hi my name is mark i'm from canada im 29 yo and i work full time, i'm a nice guy looking for a clan were i can build my house, i got 3/4 char slot 2 that are deletable my main is lumberjack/bowyer. i prefer PVE but deff will step in if we need to fight. i'm looking at cooking/alchemy i like the in depth mecanics and trial and error of those 2 proffessions. The idea of building a village somewhere near a forest and fishable water is really tasty to me. i have 77k whitewood ready already. i'm pretty noob so i could deffinately use a mentor. my fighting style would be described as assassin either long range bow or dual wield and lot of flanking involved.

feel free to DM me in game or on the forum

Vivida The bowyer
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just a hint, whitewood is worst for building better use greywood or dapplewood.
if you have any questions about the game mechanics or somethign post your question here in forums under the question section or write me directly if you like.

good luck. :)
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