Make dominators' lives easier

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Right now dominators are inferior to necromancers in every way possible. Their pets cost less skill points(200vs600), They can have a horse and a battle pet at the same time(Death knight and death steed combo), there's more depth to each pet(dom pets have no stats like strength or dexterity).

What I would love to see is the decreased skill point cost for dominators. Maybe make beast mastery secondary under advanced creature control, maybe remove the ecumenical spells requirement from dominate.

Arthropod dominators have no way of obtaining mounts by themselves reliably. One must either rely on luck in finding a horse at level 25 or higher but still dominable or on luck of finding a non-pvp bred horse seller, which there are not so many. The best solution would be to add an arthropoda lore based mount. There are many unique traits that such mounts could have such as much higher uphill speed or high camera stability when moving. If it were also partially useful in combat like molvas or stalker lykiators, then it would allow domiantors to farm much more easily.

The third problem likely won't be solved due to the need of reworking almost every AI in the game but it can still have a place in MO2. Just add attributes like strength to all the tamable/domianble creatures.

I have high hopes of finally seeing dominators become more useful and interesting, please don't let me down SV!
Necromancy pets broke the game in so many ways. You have made some good suggestions but I don't think the developers have any further plans for this game.


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That's a weird way of referring to the Devs, who have rather quietly said that they do have further plans for this game-- or, meaningless-- depending on what you intended it to mean.
Just based on the amount of work, balanced with respect to the rest of the game or not, that the Star Vault developers have put into the pet / mount systems, it's not going away... not anytime "Soon™ ", probably not ever.
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pets are an important part of the game. Without pets, the game would just be open world mount and balde with crafting
that actually sounds like a good game, not the trash we got now

pets are an abomination and should have never been implemented, SV just cant code ai for shit, thats why they never gonna be able to balance around stuff like hitting thru walls, etc.

if a feature is broken and cant be fixed u remove it, not keep building on top of it. But who cares anyways, might as well make it a full blown pokemon game for the 30 ppls left playing
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bumping until something SV does something
I really like your idea of an Arthropod mount they could do a donation goal for it and use the money for MO2.