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Hi again! For those of you who use the MO clock me and my buddy made last year, here comes the new and improved version I made based on Yaga's observations.

Here's the new download link.

  • Current Nave time (in 24h count)
  • Nave time of day (Dawn, Day, Dusk, Night)
  • Time of next sunrise/sunset (in your local timezone)
  • Time until next sunrise/sunset
  • The Nave date! (now with months)
  • Analog Mode with graphics by Resin
By date I mean the number of Nave years and days passed since game release (2010-06-09). The current date system in use is Yaga's definition of a year as 360 days and no further definition of months or anything similar. It is referred to as the "Yaga Count".

An addition to the Nave Date in version 2.1 is months. There are 8 months whose names are taken from the planets in the solar system of Nave, they are currently equal in length (45 days each) due to the 360 day length of the year according to Yaga, but this may change in the future.

The months are:

The clock is counting from year 0, day 1.

If you are interested, you can read more about Yaga's observations here.

Here are two screenshots of the different GUI's:
moclock2.1ss1.PNG moclock2.1ss2.PNG

The MO clock 2 is built in C# and will require you to download a new-ish version of Microsoft .NET if you don't have it already.

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome as always.
So...I think that's about it. enjoy!

Source code

Due to feature and porting requests that I frankly don't have the time for I feel obligated to release the source code. The Visual Studio 2010 solution containing the C# source code can be freely downloaded or viewed at
If you have any issues please contact me either via PM or by replying to this thread (if that's more appropriate) and I'll help you.


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great work man!


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Thats great man. But it should have been from release through. U can ask Henrik what happened after the conflux, if they started anew on 0 or what, and how long before release that was. Then u can find out exactly what date it is in Nave and all that sweet shit.
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The date IS counting from release, as indicated in the first post:
Nave years and days passed since game release (2010-06-09)
I talked to Sebastian briefly and he agrees with me that it's the best point to start counting from. Of course, the date is not completely exact and we (currently) don't know the exact number of days in a year, and since their algorithms are proprietary and not available (I asked) this is what we have to go on.
We can't "find out exactly what date it is in Nave" since that's not a well defined property, that's why I took the release date, slapped on Yaga's approximation of a year's length and gave that calender a name.
No map, no time in game. Realistic game doesnt mean medieval actors was stupid. :(
great stuff, wow
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BUMP! Version 2.1 released, original post updated with red text.


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Now with Graphic UI from me! :D


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Wow guys looks really great! Nice work! :)

I've syncd the one on mortalmap to yours


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Today is the 9th day of Sunna, 22 years Post Conflux.

edit: whoops actually its the 24th day of Sunna 9 years Post Conflux-
the format on the date is year-month-day

If I re-roll a character I'm going to be sure to record their birthday. As it is I might just make some up.

I don't know if anyone is heading the religions of Soldeus, or Umbra, but it might be cool to declare some Holy Days.


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Hi again! For those of you who use the MO clock me and my buddy made last year, here comes the new and improved version I made based on Yaga's observations.
Very nice, Glader! Congratulations on that great desktop clock! So it seems my work wasn't quite in vain in the end :)

Good luck for your future work on this topic.
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Thanks Yaga, both for the kind words and all the time you put in to make the best-fit curve,
maybe we'll see each other in game once the patch goes live =)
cool may be, and what sense in it?
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Glad you asked.
For starters you'll know if it's gonna be night when you log in or not, as well as when it's gonna be bright again and for how long. Since the day/night cycle has an effect on the population in-game it's very good to know. As for the dates it's more of a tool for the RP'er than the pragmatic player right now.
That's the reasons I could think of anyway, I'm sure there are uses I haven't thought of.
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