MO has come along way since Dawn

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To Henrick and the developers... I been around off and on since Dawn ... a good buddy of mine Raziel was around since beta block ..
I remember reading about this game before Dawn .. I think I joined back then , I remember eating a GB sword someone gave me in Fab lol .
Anyway to be brief , I have ran into more Player Controlled NPCs then players . Aku and I go way back so I came back to the game and i joined up with his guild RPK . Holy bananas npc guards everywhere . There was a reason GK was a Lawless town no guards thats how the game was sold to me . Player control , players defend , players get together.
I ain’t gonna lie I enjoyed the security of mining in Vadda , Toxai , Meduli (no town for Calx ) but even that was less secure then the current Tephra and Bear Cave .
And then you decided to augment mining lol (could of just had a town with a supply of Granum, Subbura and Calx which wouldn’t be difficult) ...
Its been a few days so far have enjoyed some of the current changes , but the TC stuff is really out of hand . Alert towers is fine but Guards that defend stuff when players log off is just completely contrary to Mortal Online .
I keep hearing about DKs
MC rolling around with lances lmao , and Blunt damage heads on the Lances .. come on guys you cannot get goofier then that .. besides the big mauls lmao come on this is circus look alike things .
Anyway good job on alot of things , hopefully PCNPCs get patched out .. not hard to do .