MO2 Serious desync?


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I have faith and in Deb...
This is how rumours that you know guys named "Deb" or "Debbie" get started. Not that there would be anything wrong with that.
all the existing problems will be ported over to MO "2"
Can't decide if this is fear or wishful thinking on your part, but the only important part is that it's too late for it to be true-- some existing problems in MO1 will not exist and persist in MO2. Some will. Unless you have a list, it's useless of you to say "all". You might as well start repeating "there is no MO2".
I will say that whether it's desync or lag switching, the lack of any kind of validation on the back end (or not enough), this is definitely an issue.
I'll go along with that.
I encourage the developers to spin up a NA server so they can at least attempt to debunk the issue and see if the problem is caused by region / proximity to the server, or something else entirely.
And that; now or soon, early on, still in Combat Alpha, would be the time to test it-- while it would be fairly simple.



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I don't think people understand MO "2" is a graphic update to MO "1" so all the existing problems will be ported over to MO "2"... However these issues will be amplified as they are to "redo" their programming with Seb and his team of "he, him, and himself"... I have faith and in Deb and his team to not disappoint
Not to mention UE4 being more open than UE3. Meaning easier cheats, exploits, hacks.

Well, it's also potentially a feature update, as they can make use of the engine improvements. For that they would have to actually make proper use of them though. :p
Newest patch greatly improved issues with desync and they are just getting started. Also they hired more than just Seb now and it's not just graphic update they are changing and fixing a lot of the existing problems.