More severe penalty for pet killing


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@pjjackson is speaking Truth to Power on these forums and meeting with a typical MOFo community reception: an implicit shrug from Star Vault and explicit derision or resignation from most of the rest of you lot. Such a mob mentality? Not since the good old days when nearly everyone wanted to lynch whoever was DDoSing Star Vault.
If the griefer is doing 100+ dam per hit, there is not much that others can do. ... There is no real penalty and not much you can do to prevent it.
Either the game's imbalance in this matter is just part of the larger "imbalance / punitive, not challenging" problem -OR- we have a false idea of the real utility of pack animals even in guarded areas. Both amount to the same thing. Donkeys and so forth are varying degrees of flimsy and all too vulnerable for <SV reasons>.

Suicide as the only way to deal with an otherwise uncounterable attack? Really, community? It's less of a solution than a feature of a dystopia simulator-- IF it even works to deter. I'm not one bit afraid to say I won't take anyone's wishful "thinking" that "it must work-- nobody likes murdercounts!" as evidence; I need believable testimony from several who do this kind of griefing and who are-- who have ever been!-- deterred when the MCs start rolling in. (If you're getting MCs while killing pets in 2-3 hits, you're obviously choosing the wrong targets; people who can and will and aren't too busy to give Murder Counts.) And pj is right until then: there is no real penalty.

Do pets even indicate what or who they are taking damage from? No? Do they <snicker> call the guards? NO. Do they stand their ground and defend themselves? Not unless ordered and then --> Do they have the sense to defend themselves without chasing and thus being pulled away for mugging in a dark alley? (I have no idea, really, but it would be news to me if they did.)

For many the rest of the population is only around to be frustrated and, the many hope, humiliated by those many <and their amazing friends!>, but every time some one of the rest decides he's had a better offer for the use of his leisure time from elsewhere, then YES, people do leave your favourite game & take fun with them. They lose nothing. You do.

You're all mostly okay with this*, whether you are doing the frustrating & the attempts at humiliating, or not. A lot of you keep paying for it.

So, donkeys as a grief target are one of the few enjoyable working features of Mortal Online (in contrast to factions, keeps being important, &c.) There's probably nothing that could be done to change that, there's likely nothing that will be done to change that, and there's no consensus that there should be anything done to change that, but there's still no use in denying it.

*Or locked in a
Spiral of Silence.