Mountains splitting apart.

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Hey, My name is Virtual. Riding around new continent is great, but finding new glitches and bugs is way more fun. Hope it is not raising hel for Devs :)
First of all it is not a bug that you could get stuck or something. It is simply a lack of textures because model is there and you can not fall thru the gap. Your pets seem to behave normal around it and the worst that could happen is you trip over it like a stair. So we hope you will glue that mountain back together in no time. Go grab your paint cans. Some pics to help you locate it (head west from entrance). Regards


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Me again. Do not want to flood forum with more posts so will continue this as long as it is open. Could be my personal notices board of in game exp as a F2P random.

Next bug we noticed recently is something to do with "pet follow me" function. After long 6 - 9 months break from MO me noticed that once you get of your horse and start running it follows you automatically. Never used to do so before - it would stay where ever you left it until you call it again. This current bug is very rare yet frustrating and quite unpredictable. How it happens.

1. Ride your horse for few seconds anywhere as it happens on flat surface as well.
2. Get of its back and start running away without any extra buttons to be pressed. (notice how your horse is following you for 99% of times)
3. 1% of the times your horse will not follow you. Pressing any of the commands will not effect its mood regardless the distance you stand away from horse.

Solutions we found so far.
1. Command your pet to stay few times and then to follow you again.
2. Mount it again ride for few seconds and get of again. Follows you again for 99% of times
3. Press to follow you once and wait for 30 - 60 seconds. Keep some distance so horse actually has to walk towards you.

p.s. that is weird one and me do not know if it is actually logical, planned bug or is it not.

Please advise,