My Suggestions

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I have some suggestions that are not high priority but that I feel would add depth and / or comfort to the game (I will edit and update or add more as I think of them):

  1. An Equippable item like a weapon (see Shovel) that when held in combat mode, increases the yield you gather from plants / harvestables. Some things just take way too long to gather, it took me 3 hours to gather the Oat I needed, and Oat isnt even the slowest out there. (A small Sickle, perhaps?)

  2. Using the mount system, give every creature a strength value that is listed in it's paperdoll for the player to see - make these static per animal/level. Allow all animals of adequate strength (100+?) to carry bags like mounts do. (I suggest this because as a tamer I want to hunt with my pets.. but I am unable to due to needing a horse to carry things. If this were implemented, the tamer would not be able to ride away on the pet... so i don't see any harm here.)

  3. A lantern that can be equipped in a trinket slot - drops on death, eliminates one slot where a trinket could be, gives of 80% of a torches light without needing to hold anything. (For mages and 2h users!)

  4. Allow breeding for animals other than mounts - I just wanna be able to have a dog population at my house, come on. ;)

  5. Add more icons for cooked food and perhaps give the chef a selection of X icons depending on what he is cooking. (Fried Meat? Pick between a couple variations of. Etc)

  6. Make potions more available in weak form. I didnt touch a potion until I played the game for a year and was always confused about the thirst bar (especially when my character ATE water). Add droppable potions of varying strengths stemming from the existing Minor Health Potion (that is way too rare and heals almost nothing) to something that will give you a good 20 hp back. Make them more common in lootables and for meek monster drops (scoundrel, undead, bandit, etc). Introducing players to a weak potion economy will increase interest in alchemy and the higher tier potions - and having potions as an option as a new player, when bandies are the only way to heal actively as a non mage, may make things more fun for them.

  7. Allow crafters (of all types!) to brand their goods with their name after they have reached level 100. This way their name would show in the item description, and reselling bargain items for profit against a crafters will would be much harder.

  8. Add a 'WANDER' or 'IDLE' mode for pets - it works like stay, but instead of being still, they have a small radius around where you commanded them that they can occasionally walk inside of. In time, animations for grazing or laying down could be added as well, though those are just cherries. I would feel a lot more content if my dog wandered around a bit as i tended to things than to have it stand stone still, or chase at my heels.

  9. Implement a rough map system, that would work similarly to TESIII: Morrowind's map. It is completely black - and only fills in as you explore. Have no waypoints or labels to be discovered: allow the player to mark these. A players map would be bound, like a worn short sword - but also tradeable. This way, cartographers would actually be able to get a new blank map, fill in an area or a pathway to a spot, and then sell it to players. Do not allow maps to be copied as spell books can be, though, to prevent one being completed and then cloned. When a map is 'finished' allow it to be sealed, so it no longer can be updated. Only one unsealed map may held at a time, to avoid several maps being made at once. The map would not auto update - you would need to actively use it, and you character would get a 30 second timer to chart down the surrounding area.

  10. Add. More. Clothing. Add. Craftable. Clothing. Not all players want or have an armorer, and not all players like armor period. I just want some clothes...

  11. Make Tiara's craftable.

  12. Make Lockpicking secondary, a child of Thievery, and not of Pilfering. Make thievery primary. Full thief = 300 points still, but a lockpicker doesnt need to be a thief = 100 points. It's a very big buzzkill to see so many chests about and be unable to access them, and changing this would allow more builds to check them!