Need help with attribute bonuses for skills

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Don't wanna keep bumping my other thread for no reason.

Basically, I cannot see the attributes that contribute to skills unless they're unlocked. So i need help. Also, feel free to make fun of me for not having a character with any of these skills unlocked ;). At least on accounts i remember the passwords for :p

Can anyone out there help me with the attributes that contribute to the following skills (please include "unknown" if it's included) -----

Persuade - INT/PSY
Connections - INT

Scribing -
Ether Lore -
Amphibia - INT
Adv. Potion Making -
Alchemical Dissolvents -
Necromancy Spells - INT/PSY
Animism -
Elementalism Spells - INT/PSY
Potion Utilization -
Blast Furnace Operation -
Greater Natorus Operation -
Furniture - INT/PSY
Tailoring - INT/UNK
Tinkering - INT/PSY
Long Bow Crafting -
Asymmetrical Bow Crafting -
Recurve Bow Crafting -
Carpentry -
Adv. Engineering -
Deconstruct - INT/STR
Workshop Construction -
Soft Armor Crafting - INT
Laminated Armor Crafting - INT
Plated Armor Crafting - INT

Pottery -
Glassblowing -
1H Blade Hilt Crafting -
Basic Blade Crafting -
Sculpturing -
Controlled Aiming -
Marksmanship -
Lances - STR/CON
Unarmed Technique - DEX/UNK
Spears - STR/DEX

Heavy Armor Training -
Master Alloys -
Papyrology -
Adv. Dendrology -
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