New my first death thread.

How did you die?

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I was swiming in bandit area of tindrem for find lockpick vendor and WAS TAKEN 9000 fallen damage in water!
It was a beautifull day. I left my hometown and tried to find a way into the jungle.
Unfortunately I made 1 step to much while lurking over a cliff into the jungle. I eventually felt down the
cliff and had to use the "revive at next priest" option. Wasn't such a good idea, took me 2 days to get back out.

Obviously a bug :p
That jungles is evil place, i always make suicide on that big rock, coz i can't find way to home.


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I was not paying attention to my health and died fighting a Bok.
when I died, I was like "WTH!?"
You missed a point in your poll: drawning by a bug. It was after grabbing some water that apparently didn't work for some strange reason (message "no target", no entry in inventory, no burden sign). After moving on around the lake I tried again when I suddenly was drawn into the water. Still no sign of burden (I checked twice while drawning) and died. No chance to escape. After resurrection I dove to my body since I didn't want to lose that brand new tindremic fishing rod. When I opened my corpse I saw the mishap: >1000 units of water in my corpse... (while an inner voice sreamed "welcome to MO") :eek:
So I voted "Bug" but it was actually a "drawning bug" :p
Few weeks ago, was new to the game, saw a bunch of reds fighting at the pigrock in front of meduli, i watched them fight all the way to the rockwall near the desert ramp, aned then one of the reds went to mercy mode, and the others just ran after another guy, and left the red there in mercy mode, so i ran up, and charged my swing for like a second, then he got up, *Diphrael's dagger hits you for 112 (weakspot)[torso]. I died instantly, then i wandered around for the next few days wondering how he was in mercy mode for only like 3 seconds...
afk death by weasel outside vadda. I just had to answer the phone. Gremrod made fun of me for a week after that.


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A belbus in Beta, before they were called Belbus.
Created my first char took a few steps picked some rice,then fell through a bridge and died


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Suicide !


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Me and neix hd looted a steelsword and some armor from pvp (first time 2-3 years ago) and we somehow got into water, I drowned and neix swum down to get the sword and he got it! :)

Good times!


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First char, made a Veela and spawned in Toxai. Pitch black, this was beta, waited for dawn while watching a vid on 2nd screen. Soon as it was light found a Brownwood tree and started hacking away at it. Had to click every time wanted to chop.

After a while I realised the chopping noise had stopped, looked back to the game screen to see I was moving slowly closer to the cliff edge. In a state of total panic I frantically started opening inventory, paperdoll, trying to unequip my sword and push back at the naked elf shoving me off the edge.

Alas, I was too slow, and plummeted to my doom. That was the moment I realised how awesome the game could be.
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