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The Mortal Online support staff observes a policy of non interference which simply means that if we cannot resolve an issue without causing undue interruption then we will take no action until either the situation resolves itself or until the contentious pressures surrounding the issue have abated.

What does it mean when a counselor or Gamemaster tells me that they will not interfere?

This means that even though their may be a fix for the problem, that fixing the problem is going to itself create more problems or lead to an increasingly unfair situation.

If the support staff isn't supposed to interfere, then why do they fix things at all?

We prefer in all situations where a clean and quick solution exists to apply that solution and allow the game to continue with minimal interruption. Using the lightest touch possible we will remove those impediments which are preventing or forestalling the resolution of the scenario by means of player actions.

Why did the support staff help regarding an issue at one time and tell me that it was interference later?

Mortal Online is a constantly evolving game and the concerns of the player base are also constantly changing. Learning from past experience, while also considering player feedback, we will at times deem that our involvement in a given scenario is causing too many additional problems and censor ourselves from further action in that regard.

Does this mean that you will permit exploiting and cheats until after the damage is already done?

No, the business of investigating and disciplining cheaters is unrelated to the non interference policy. When we have reason to take disciplinary action against a player we will do so immediately. Such decisions are not made hastily but we do not delay taking action against someone because we are worried about their convenience, we are simply following due process.

My request was denied by a counselor or Gamemaster on the basis that they do not create or circumvent game mechanics, what does this mean?

Simply put the support staff cannot be used as a game mechanism. If the player is incapable of performing an action by game design support cannot be used as a tool to circumvent or invent game mechanics. i.e: we will not transfer house ownership of a building that is under construction, if a player were to request this they would be told that they must first finish construction and then use the normal mechanism for transferring the house themselves.

Our goal in fixing any problems while the game is in motion is always to allow things to flow naturally, and therefore the very last thing that we want to do is to intervene and force a halt to player actions. In those situations where support does becomes involved players are to remain calm and follow the instructions from staff members as per the Terms of Service.
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